This is Albuquerque: Long Leash On Life
 Alibi V.25 No.9 • March 3-9, 2016 

This is Albuquerque

Long Leash On Life

Why Should Pet Parents Come to Long Leash on Life?

Proud to provide the best collection of pet food and supplies in Albuquerque

  • Company name: Long Leash On Life
  • Type of business: Health Food and Supply for Cats and Dogs, DIY Dog Wash
  • Owners: Ken Wormser and Norm Shrout
  • Business Address:
    9800 Montgomery NE (at Eubank)
    Albuquerque NM 87111
    (505) 299-8800
  • Number of Employees: 8
  • Business Email:
  • Business Website:

[Supported by the Healthiest, Most Trustworthy Brands of Pet Foods, Treats & Supplements] [Pleased to Present the Largest Selection of USA-Made Pet Products in the Region]

Delighted to offer consults on cats’ & dogs’ well-being

[Accomplished in Strengthening Pet Vitality through Customized Nutrition Plans] [Invigorated by the Fulfillment of Pet Enrichment]

Inspired by positive results from life enhancement strategies for pets

[Skilled in Sharing Meaningful Tips on Pet Longevity] [Forever Encouraged by Positive Feedback about Thriving Pets]

Committed to unique & beneficial product offerrings

[Founded on Wholistic Foods that Best Match Cats’ and Dogs’ Physiological Needs] [Fortified with Fresh Pet Cuisine Featuring Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated & Raw Ingredients]

Fulfilled by local philanthropic endeavors

[Partnered with Meals on Wheels to Supply Cat & Dog Food] [Teamed Up with Animal Humane Pet Food Bank & Local Pet Rescue Organizations as Food Donor]

Dedicated to community reinvestment

[Locally Owned & Devoted to Supporting the Local Economy] [Affiliated with Local Suppliers to Acquire Store Operational Materials & Retail Pet Products]

Coming this year

[Unleashing Rescue Rebates; 20% Cash Back Rewards for Local Pet-Related 501(c)(3) Organizations] [Opening Long Leash On Life’s Adoptee’s Necessities within Animal Humane–New Mexico’s New West Side Adoption Center]

On the horizon...

[Donating Pet Food & Supplies in the Name of Local Pets] [Unveiling Ne, Exciting Products, Appreciating Customer’s with Saving Opportunities & More Exciting Surprises]

Thank you, New Mexico. We value your friendship and appreciate your business.