Alibi V.26 No.30 • July 27-Aug 2, 2017 

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Surprises Abound in the Garden

Find a treasure trove of sleep-inducing goodies

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Rob M.

When I was 19 and I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I realized that I was allergic to a particular pain medication when I regurgitated my favorite milk chocolate ice cream (it tasted exactly the same as when it went down), and I've never been the same. I can't even think about eating milk chocolate without feeling nauseated, so that's fun. At least it's just limited to that particular flavor of chocolate. … Regardless, it's a dilemma when choosing chocolates from local dispensaries because for the most part I've found that they just carry milk chocolate.

Recently while perusing the wares of the small Santa Fe-based dispensary Sacred Garden at Green Jeans Farmery in Midtown, I was estatic to find that they had dark chocolate bars (THC: 120.3mg/bar, $20), and I'm sure you faithful readers know me well enough to predict that I chose the sativa strain. I've been having a lot of trouble winding down at night recently and was excited to find out if this could help my buzzing mind. Around 9pm I popped a couple of the silky, slow-melting bitter squares and about 45 minutes later I was feeling serene and relaxed—my mind was calmed and I was able to let go of my consuming anxiety and sleep fully through the night (and not to mention have a tasty, healthy treat).

While I was at Sacred Garden I also grabbed a Jabberwocky Jumbo indica strain in a joint (THC: 20%, $8.50) since it was the only appealing indica strain they had on hand, and Canna-Caps (THC: 30.1mg/capsule, $16.80) just to try something new. Surprisingly enough—as someone who generally avoids indica like the plague (I get so sleeeeepy!)—I found it to be very pleasant.

When I smoke I prefer pipes because I can have a small dose, see how I feel and then come back to it later if I need to. With joints I always feel like I need to finish them in one go, because who wants burnt flower? Pass! But I did what I always do with joints (because, like so many other things in life, occasionally I think I may have changed my stance on them but then realize alas, I have not), so I just put it out after I had a quarter of it and dealt with the gross taste later. On the first inhalation I noted a remarkably strong tart, mustard taste with a subtle earthy aftertaste. I did feel quite heady, it hit with a bit of a bite, but it makes an excellent sleeping strain—similar to the chocolate, I was able to sleep through the night.

The following evening I decided to try the cannabis capsules. I was warned by the staff that they hit quicker than most edibles and also had a bit of a kick. I did feel it fairly quickly, 20 minutes at most, but it wasn't heady at all. My body was relaxed and I felt levelheaded and at ease. I wasn't tuckered out by it, but since my body was able to relax I was able to calm my mind further with strategies I've learned with my current therapist.

While researching conditions and specific, locally attainable strains that Weekly Alibi will be listing in the upcoming Cannabis Issue (Keep your eyes peeled—it comes out Aug. 9, in conjunction with our Hempfest at Balloon Fiesta Park on Aug. 19!), I found out that capsules are particularly good for folks with HIV and AIDS. Because of the nature of the capsules, they are quick in relieving pain and relaxing the body (which I can clearly attest to myself) while allowing the mind to remain competent (whereas just a plain ol' indica or sativa does alter the mind) as long as it is a CBD-based strain.

I'm glad to know now that I can take indica, and that canna-capsules are excellent in case of an emergency (a far better alternative than taking Xanax which—fun fact—I was directed to take while driving to school when I was 15 to deal with severe anxiety from my primary care physician and then-therapist). For our medicinal marijuana card-wielding readers, if you experience issues with sleep, I highly recommend the dark chocolate edible because it's tasty and long-lasting, and for those who have quick-onset anxiety or severe pain, try the canna-capsules.

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