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 Alibi V.26 No.35 • Aug 31-Sept 6, 2017 

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Seriously Promising

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Rob M.

As the seasons change, so do our lives and emotions. Over the last summer I felt my anger being provoked like a desert dweller to thirst, but nowadays as things start to cool down I've been experiencing something triggering my depression and sadness. It's been harder and harder to get up in the morning and not to be lethargic all day long. Nights can be just as bad without medicine: just laying on my couch soaking in self-loathing and boredom. During my weekly visit to dispensaries, I picked up a flower that seemed promising Serious Happiness (THC: 18.15%, $11) as well as something to help put me sleep, Sour Chem (THC: 21.5%, $9) and the dark chocolate Elevated Bar (THC: 120mg/bar, $13) from Albuquerque's CG Corrigan.

The straightforward 50/50 hybrid Serious Happiness lives up to its name, surprisingly enough. The lovechild of sativa dominant AK-47 and indica dominant Warlock gives a sweet, earthy taste that led me to a goofy, happy state of mind. I felt my body relax as quickly as my mind did, but it went further than most strains and seemed to actually induce joy in my somber mind rather than generate an overstimulating, heady high which, don't get me wrong, it's a good way to calm down, but I just don't like it. Even my boyfriend noticed and asked me why I was acting so silly to which my response was to put on a bad Southern accent saying, “Well excuse me, sir, but I think I am peeeeerfectly normal,” as I was dancing out of the room.

With the relaxing qualities of Serious Happiness, I wasn't too tempted to try Sour Chem, but I certainly was down to have some chocolate (like always, 'cause it's chocolate). The silky smooth, fluffy, bitter chocolate melted in my mouth and about an hour later I felt even more relaxed and sleepy—just in time for bed. The Elevated chocolate bar did taste like the chocolate bar from my recent review of Sacred Garden, but the price of $11 as opposed to Sacred Garden's $20 wins me over. The following nights I had just one or the other and was able to sleep through to morning, feeling very rested and happy, which—I think we all can agree—is the best way to start your day.

Near the end of the week when I ran out of those two new favorites, I decided to try the sativa Sour Chem, aka Chemdawg Sour Diesel. This tart tasting bud has a strong, pungent smell and quite a heady bite, as you probably guessed by the THC content. I was content, but as I lay down in bed I thought I heard something (i.e. someone) messing with my front door, which isn't out of the norm for me—I always think about all the locks and windows around the house as soon as I lay down after I turn the light off—but my paranoia was heightened. Although, it didn't matter too much in the end because I was out no less than five minutes later. After researching this strain a bit more, I found that folks who tend to carry a lot of anxiety should be careful with this “high-flying sativa.”

For people like me who generally are anxiety-ridden while depressed, I don't recommend Sour Chem because of the qualities described—but I highly recommend Serious Happiness. I have a few select favorites on my list of “Blithe Budz,” and I am certainly adding Serious Happiness because of the euphoric qualities. I've never encountered a joyous, long-lasting, pick-me-up flower that didn't cause me to lie awake thinking of the endless possibilities of my life and those close to me. The chocolate was delicious and one of the cheapest I've found in town that didn't compromise on quality—but then again that's CG Corrigan for you: afforable, healing and expansive.

As summer comes to a close, so does summertime magic—warm evenings, late nights, less responsibilities—but the enchantment of autumn will unwind soon within our lives. In fact, I've noticed it already—chilly mornings, green chile roasting, nighttime rain … I have a lot to be thankful for and because of my medicine I am able to refocus and appreciate the small things I have in this lovely land I call home.

CG Corrigan

6614 Gulton NE
(505) 933-5599
Hours: Sun-Sat 10am-7pm
First-time Freebies: Yes
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