Alibi V.28 No.46 • Nov 14-20, 2019 

Strain Corner

Humboldt Star at Shift New Mexico

Humboldt Star
Humboldt Star

I thoroughly enjoy traveling, and one of the destinations I have long been yearning to visit has been Northern California. With its dense forests, dynamic seaside, hilly cities and, perhaps most importantly, top-notch and renowned marijuana, it is a highly desirable area. I headed over one fine day to Shift New Mexico (9880 Montgomery Blvd. Unit C) and noticed they had a strain that was titled Humboldt Star (THC: 20.690%, CBD: 1.560%—$9.27/gram)—named after the California county—and it immediately interested me.

This was a standard looking bud, but it was sugary and pretty. There was a nice gradient coloring of light to dark green throughout. There were small scattered strands of hairs that were very light orange in color. The texture of the buds was soft and somewhat airy, while simultaneously feeling crunchy due to some hardy and strong stems.

The smell was a typical herby and musky scent that was characteristic of much of the weed out there, but this was not a bad attribute at all. If anything, the standard smell made me feel familiar with it. After tugging and ripping some of the fine flower from the robust stems I was ready to feel complacent and comfortable.

The hits were harsh and tasted soupy. Eventually, there was a milder grassy and herby undertone that tasted and felt a little more bearable. After a few minutes of smoking, I started to feel some minor mental fuzziness. My head and thoughts felt bubbly and my body felt warm and fluttery. I had slight visual stimulation, and I seemed to be more interested in creative thought and work than ususal. Eventually, my thoughts and overall physical motivation grew slow and leaden, but I felt focused and engaged for quite some time.

This would be a good strain for those who want to be creative and want a slight boost to productivity. My shoulder had been sore from some manual labor earlier this week, and this strain certainly seemed to help reduce some of the pain. The fact that it affected my visual perception would make this a great bud to take before a very exciting and trippy movie or any other visually stimulating activities, such as hiking in colorful deserts, performing seances or creating Excel spreadsheets.

Humboldt Star is a strong yet standard strain that is deserving of the Humboldt name. Much like great wines have the facet of terroir attributable to the overall flavor and smell profiles, so too does the name Humboldt carry with it a certain distinction in regard to the marijuana world. This familiar yet energizing and invigorating strain was a pleasurable smoke that helped to further cement the notion of Humboldt county being the golden standard bearer for good quality strains.

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