Alibi V.29 No.5 • Jan 30-Feb 5, 2020 
how to make cannabutter


So you've become a voracious cannabis eater and have finally worked up the nerve to take the plunge and bake your own THC-infused treat. But how exactly do you do that? You've never bitten down on a stem while eating a cannabis cookie from the dispensary, and—try as you might—you've never seen any ground-up buds mixed into your bud brownies. What's the secret?

As with most baked sweets, it's all in the butter. In this case—the cannabutter! Here's a surefire recipe to make the perfect cannabutter for use in an almost limitless variety of edibles.


1/2 cup salted butter
1/4 oz. of flower (minus the seeds and stems, of course)
A sieve or strainer (and cheesecloth, if it's handy)
A glass jar or dish for storage


1. Grind the flower in a hand grinder, but avoid over-grinding in a coffee grinder or anything similar. You want the bud to be ground finely but not so fine that it slips through your strainer holes.

2. Place the ground flower on a baking sheet and bake at around 230 degrees F for one hour. This is the most important step, as it converts THCA in the dried bud into THC through the process of decarboxylation.

3. Melt the butter and two cups of water in a saucepan over medium heat. You don't want the butter to get any hotter than 250 degrees F, because THC will start to degrade at that point. Once the butter starts to melt, add the flower, mix well and turn the heat down to low.

4. Cook for two to three hours, stirring occasionally. If you have a candy thermometer, check regularly to ensure that the mixture is between 170 and 215 degrees F.

5. Place the sieve or strainer over your glass container (line it with cheesecloth for extra protection) and pour the butter into it. Be very careful as the butter will be extremely hot!

6. Allow the butter to fully strain into the container. This can take several minutes. Avoid overtly agitating the mixture or squeezing the cheesecloth. You want to prevent any plant particulates from getting through. The resulting product should be greenish-yellow and smell strongly of cannabis.

7. Cover the container with plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight.

8. Drain any excess water after refrigerating and pat the solid butter with paper towels until dry.

9. Store in the refrigerator with an airtight lid for up to six months.

And that's all there is to it. Now just find a good recipe online or spread it on crackers or toast. Depending on the THC content of the flower used, the amount of bud can be increased or decreased to make stronger or weaker edibles, respectively.

And always remember: Dose low at first until you know what you're dealing with. Since you probably aren't lab testing your homemade batches, it's always safer to go easy at first.
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