Alibi V.29 No.3 • Jan 16-22, 2020 
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EXPO New Mexico Backs Down

Settlement details released

Details have been made public about a settlement that was reached last summer between EXPO New Mexico and Ultra Health; a state senator and lawyer is asking a judge to allow medical cannabis patients under house arrests to have access to their meds; Florida state agencies are trying out a THC testing kit to distinguish "hemp" from "marijuana."
Cat Piss Romulan

Strain Corner

Cat Piss Romulan at Southwest Organic Producers

Cat Piss Romulan should be good for those who have a high tolerance and are looking for something strong to unwind with. And for anyone who wants to get lost in space.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on a first-of-its-kind congressional subcommittee hearing on cannabis policy and new research that suggests early onset cannabis users exhibit impulsivity when driving.
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