Alibi V.29 No.9 • Feb 27-March 4, 2020 
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Cannabis in the Roundhouse

Not quite a winning year

Department of Health is no longer required to issue medical cannabis cards; bills to legalize recreation cannabis, protect Native cannabis patients living on tribal land from federal prosecution and allow research facilities to grow or buy cannabis for research purposes were all three strangled like mad dogs.
Sandia Sangria

Strain Corner

Sandia Sangria at Sandia Botanicals

Sandia Sangria’s heady and intoxicatingly soothing effects make it perfect for patients suffering from pain, stress, nausea, or depression.
ACS Infectious Diseases

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on new research that reveals the cannabinoid CBG’s effectiveness against MRSA and coronavirus’ potential impact on cannabis commerce.
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