Alibi V.28 No.18 • May 2-8, 2019

Money, Guns and Weeds

BernCo Commission meets to govern

Money, guns and weed control were the super-sexy April agenda items for the Bernalillo County Commission at their last meeting. No, not that kind of weed was involved, but yes, big money was discussed.

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Disorienting history lesson trades clarity for chaos

Anyone with a strong understanding of the art of film will recognize that Sunset is the work of a master filmmaker, but by digging into his country’s complicated history, Nemes may be too close to the subject to offer a clear perspective.

May the Fourth

Book it to the DynaTheater to see Star Wars, join the Better Call Saul Book Club and party at the KiMo Theatre: Fact & Folklore book launch.

What the Heart Wants

“Chambers” on Netflix

Though it bills itself as a horror series, “Chambers” is more of a dark, moody, slow-moving mystery that probably would have worked better as a one-off feature film.


It’s a Ukulele Thing

Jim D’Ville reflects on four strings

Jim D’Ville met with Weekly Alibi about the upcoming ukulele weekend and what it offers both the casual player and the greater audience of plucky, string-loving Americans.

Josh Ward is from Texas

CW star gigs in Burque

Josh Ward new record, More Than I Deserve, has got an old-school vibe that’s tightly and tunefully woven together with modern nuance and crystal clear production that makes listening to county music joyfully sad and memorably rocking.


Street-Level New Mexico

The Photography of Jessica Roybal

Jessica Roybal possesses a rare advantage as a photographer; she lives somewhere interesting. As an architecture student, she came to photography to better understand how buildings interact with the street. As a New Mexican, she already knew what was there.

Found Objects

Coming up in the next few days are Albuquerque: A City Seen, Georgia O’Keeffe in EnChroma-vision, On the Topic of Infinity and May The 4th/Free Comic Book Day Block Party.


Davis in District Six

Councilor dishes on building communities with service and action

Weekly Alibi meets with city councilor Pat Davis about his announcement to seek a second term.

Heinrich on Housing

Affordable housing equals progress

Senator Heinrich and 40 of his fellow legislators urge action on Section 4 of the Capacity Building Program, an affordable housing and small business finance program that has been marked for elimination by the Trump administration.


Otero County threatening to sue state for not responding to request for emergency declaration; PNM is asking state regulators to reconsider their decision to charge Facebook the full price of installing a proposed transmission line; APD opened the doors to a new training and events facility.


Hate Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Gun

A reader writes about preaching to the choir.


Vara-way From Ordinary

Vara preps food service launch

Malagueña’s Latin Tapas, which has been making waves in the local food truck scene since 2017, made a surprising announcement recently: They found a permanent home at Vara Wines.

You Can Taste the Excitement

Taste of Nob Hill offers culinary tour of the best on offer

One of the big street events kicking off the season is the Taste of Nob Hill, the food festival celebrating the latest and greatest.

Brews and Noodz

You can eat Oni Noodles at Marble Brewery, take pasta-making classes, enjoy Tasty Tuesday at Hyder Park and go to Mothers’ Day Pop Up Brunch.


Same as the Old Boss

Biden a bad choice for cannabis advocates

Democratic presidential candidates' stances on cannabis legalization varies; Blueberry Gum relieves tension in sinuses and lowers blood pressure.

News on the Green

The latest batch of cannabis journalism has something for everyone. From the Gray Lady’s economic reporting to a think tank op-ed to peer-reviewed research and beyond, read on for documentation of our evolving relationship with cannabis.

Alibi V.28 No.17 • April 25-May 1, 2019


Best of the Best (of Burque)

Once again we turned to our well-traveled, well-informed, well-bred readers and asked them to inform us, for a change, about their favorite places and people in Albuquerque.


Sonic Reducer

We review new releases by Blitzar, Peaceful Dissident and Cactus Warmuth.


These Biscuits Aren’t Limp

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling dough

By making fresh biscuit dough and finding new ways to integrate it into traditional dishes, Stripes Biscuit Co. is carving out their own distinct identity in the local foodscape.

Make Office Coffee Taste Great Again

Up your game and brew less crappy coffee

Through local coffee professional Amanda Turpin's extensive knowledge of the brewing process, we’ve found a way to turn your office cup of coffee into something worth drinking.

Get Those Herbs, Son!

This week, try Herbfest 2019, Rail Yards Market reopening, Zinc's Parlez-Vous Francais? dinner and Dungeons and Dragons and Drinking.


Driving Discourse

NM case raises intoxication questions

Difficulties arise in adjudicating marijuana impairment; regular cannabis users require more sedation during surgical procedures; Kosher Tangie relieves pain.


After Udall

Party politics pivot toward the center

Senator Udall’s retirement news was followed by a lot of rumbling in the Democratic party as ambitions and alliances came to the surface.

Good For You, Albuquerque!

The bright side of this week’s news

With the publication of Best of Burque 2019, we thought this would also be an appropriate time to mention the best of what is happening in this city and how much has already been turned around as we progress toward a future we can all live with, in peace and prosperity.


Some New Mexico schools are struggling to comply with new K-5 Plus standards; authorities in Otero county are asking that the governor reinstate interior border checkpoints that were closed down earlier this month; despite a ban implemented by the Trump administration, transgender troops will be able to serve in New Mexico's National Guard.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a dirtier-than-dog hair mass on one's face happens to someone else.



A reader writes that per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are not the leading cause of cancer.



Familiar indie comedy invites some odd guests to the party

Family is a mild cultural curiosity for parents, who will no doubt pepper their kids with questions afterward. Good luck with that. Woot, woot.

Jazz Toon

The Princess and the Frog, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Instant Family are on screens this week, and locally-made "Pozole" captured the Best Narrative Short Film award.

TV News

Tidbits from Around the Dial

TV News: Spike Lee's See You Yesterday, Amazon's "The Boys", Showtime's "The Loudest Voice" and DC Direct's "Titans"


Inspiration, Context and Myth

Ryan Singer’s Childhood Mythologies

The future may be as bright as his pallet for painter Ryan Singer, but the mythologies in his work can be recognized from a past not so long ago, from a place not so far away.

Gathering a New, Queer Narrative

New fashion from Darin Jamal Tom debuts

Weekly Alibi spoke with Darin Jamal Tom, a fashion designer with roots in his culture but a commitment to couture, bringing young, chic, wearable fashion to this year’s Gathering of Nations.

Found Objects

This week, check out Contemporary Art Journalism Then & Now, Burque Revolt Poetry Slam Battle, Hiding in the Open and the Shakespeare 505 Iambithon.

Alibi V.28 No.16 • April 18-24, 2019


Historical political drama proves social injustice is nothing new

Peterloo is pointed, immersive, unyielding and purposefully timely but it demands a great deal of sympathy and patience from its audience.


Haaland on Climate Disruption

Rep’s appearance at film festival emphasizes emergency

US Representative Deb Haaland advocated small changes in personal usage at the Climate Disruption Film Festival, but but where were the millennials?

Everything Must Be This Way

A very dark week in a bright city

The root problems that lead to Albuquerque's recent uptick in senseless violence have yet to be confronted and controlled, and have sometimes been ignored and dismissed even as their consequences continue to wreak havoc.

Plastic, Police and People

Council handles local and global issues

Albuquerque city political leaders have been busy this April, passing a more effective police oversight ordinance, saying no to some single-use plastics, and pondering the mayor’s proposed $1.1 billion budget.


A facility for storing and shipping radioactive waste at LANL is operating for the first time in five years; Environmental Defense Fund released evidence that New Mexico's methane emissions are climbing thanks to increased oil and gas production in the Permian Basin; Federal lawmakers visited to collect testimonies from advocates looking to restrict oil and gas drilling near Native American cultural sites.

Odds & Ends

Funny because botched penis enlargement surgeries happen to someone else.


Environmental Celluloid

This week there's the Taos Environmental Film Festival, Animal Crackers, Wall-E and The Unruly Mystic: John Muir.

Streaming Information

Disney+ delivers the details

At “Investor Day” Disney revealed the clearest picture yet of Disney+, the studio’s long-gestating plan to rival Netflix.



Unstructured Open Space

Robert Stokowy’s Structures (Albuquerque)

Weekly Alibi sat down with Robert Stokowy, who came from Berlin to install Structures (Albuquerque), near one of his pieces opening this weekend at the Rio Grande Nature Center to get a better idea about land art, soundscapes and how Stokowy’s work empowers each of us to make our own art.

En Train Air

A Painting Adventure on the Southwest Chief

En Train Air-1 began in Chicago as six celebrated American representational outdoor painters boarded the Southwest Chief to begin the 2,265-mile journey, making painting stops in La Junta, Trinidad, Raton, Las Vegas, Lamy and then do a show at McLarry Fine Art in Santa Fe.

Found Objects

This week, check out Semana Cervantina, the poetry of Rich Boucher, Othello: The Remix, Rumors and EARTH: A panel discussion about art & ecopedagogy.


Peruvian Excellence

Pollito Con Papas II nails the mark with quality

Pollito Con Papas II offers something unique and different for Albuquerque, with a love of food and every dish being a standout option that won't let you down.

The Best-a Carne Seca

Traditional is king in the SW

We learn about carne seca and how it's made from Old Santa Fe Trail Beef Jerky.

Farewell, Old Friend

Winning Coffee is closing, Meow Wolf is hosting A Feast for the Senses, there will be an egg hunt in Downtown, and the ABQ Biopark hosts Like An Animal: The Grazing and Sex Tour.


Test This Mess

THC testing follows the dodo

The governor signed a bill to update the medical marijuana program (including a big change to limit discrimination against patients by their employers), and Joshua Lee learns about eating fatty foods with edible cannabis and then relaxes with Unicorn Poop.

The Best and Worst of Times

Nowhere to go but up

We're experiencing a time of high weirdness in America, and the best plan is probably just to duck and cover until that madness passes. In the mean time, let's get educated about this wonderful plant we love so much.

NM Legislative Session

Cannabis in the Roundhouse

During this year's 60-day legislative session, we saw a fair number of cannabis-related bills being considered by the state's lawmakers. A number of good bills were shot down, but plenty of important ones were passed.

Testing the Limits

Employers consider dropping the test

If you've applied for a job in the last 20 years, you've probably had the pleasure of peeing into a cup and delivering the warm receptacle to a friendly person in a lab coat. It never makes for a fun morning.

Money Troubles

Banking on marijuana

After years of growth, the medical and recreational cannabis markets have become a major economic force in our nation, but these business owners still face the problem of finding a bank that will take their money.

The Social Media War on Weed

Avoiding the ban

Despite the growing acceptance of marijuana across the nation (and especially in California), tech companies seem to have it out for the plant.

Cannabis Growing 101

As a cannabis grower, you determine your strains, grow out your favorite phenotypes and add whatever nutrients or lack thereof as you see fit. Use this guide as your first step before growing, so you can become the cannabis maven you were meant to be.

Cannabis and Psychosis

A puzzling relationship

Cannabis probably won't cause you to develop psychosis … unless you were already prone to develop psychosis.

The Creeps

On cannabis and paranoia

Joshua Lee asked a few patients if they'd ever experienced the feeling of paranoia when using cannabis, and to describe it.

Spring Fruit

Here's a list of strains for the spring that make our tails wag and our eyes light up.

High Aspirations

The rise of Cantheism

High Times published a piece profiling Chris Conrad, cannabis activist, career expert witness and founder of Cantheism, a modern religion that regards marijuana not only as a sacrament, but as an object of devotion.