Alibi V.28 No.26 • June 27-July 3, 2019

The Folk in California

Echo In The Canyon: The rise and influence of folk rock in America

Echo In The Canyon is a lovingly detailed examination of the ’60s counterculture and inter-band collaboration and inspiration.

The Latest

Best of Burque Restaurants Nominations are wide open until Aug. 28, 2019

Finalists square off starting Sept. 4

The venerable Best of Burque Restaurants returns yet again in 2019 to take the measure of the many and varied bistros, dives, hideaways, nooks, barns, big boxes, small boxes, coffee houses and food trucks. Albuquerque continues to evolve as a restaurant-based life form, a portion of its cells dying back to make room for healthy new growth. Some of last year’s faves have gone the way of the dodo. All of this year’s faves have yet to be made manifest. That’s your job! The nominations phase runs now through Wednesday, August 28, 2019 and you can nominate your favorites once each day. (Think of it as an applause-o-meter and get cracking!)


A Progressive Opportunity

Ane Romero can flip District 4

We met with wunderkind politico Ane Romero about her bid to claim District 4 for forward-thinking citizens.

Waiting for the Flood

Trump’s immigration policies affect Burque

The Trump administration’s continued threats to forcibly round up, detain and deport those who do not have perfect immigration documentation is causing fear and confusion among many citizens.


Legislative Finance Committee’s Performance Report Card says that Albuquerque crime trends are down from previous years; regulators are putting a multi-billion dollar plan to divert the Gila River on hold; Bernalillo County presented its plans for a tiny home community to help homeless people transition to new homes.

Odds & Ends

Funny because Donald Trump's apotheosis into a Hindu god happens to someone else.


Are You Not Entertained?

Cedric talks CBS, stand-up and ABQ

Weekly Alibi was graced with a conversation with Cedric the Entertainer. Somehow finding time between his widely famous network TV shows, “The Neighborhood” and “The Last O.G.,” and his ambitious film career, he's touring the country with a new stand-up special.

The Art of ART

Reflecting Burqueño spirit on the bus

This month, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller released renderings of the new ART buses with this statement: “These buses will also have a new distinctively New Mexico look; something to better reflect our Burqueño spirit.”

Found Objects

Check out the poetry of Demetria Martinez, Bad Mouth: Summer Summer, Otila: Linda Frontera and Asteroid Day.


Pantera in Town

Filmmakers, the Madrid Film Festival wants your submission and there are only a few days left before the 48 Hour Film Project's early bird deadline. Take a Locations Department class and watch Pantera Negra y Black Panther.

Swing and a Miss

“Holey Moley” on FOX

Sports-reality-game-show-whatsit “Holey Moley" tries too hard to be campy and wacky.


Glee in Gleewood

Southern Gothic for Norteños

Weekly Alibi caught up with Gleewood as they drove toward Roswell for a Friday night gig. Since there weren’t any UFOs flitting about and showtime was imminent, music was the immediate focus of our rather cool conversation.


Flavors Far-out and Familiar

Duke City Kitchen rules AM roost

Duke City Kitchen honors the classics but isn’t afraid to take chances with flavor combos that shouldn’t work.

Counter Talk

The era of entitlement is over

The job of waitstaff is being performed by human beings.

I Can’t Be Musical This Week

Whether you want to relive the joys of childhood with coloring and pizza, hunt down the next big thing in pizza or show off your swallowing prowess at an eating contest, we’ve got you covered with this week’s events.


Strange Times

Congress blocks feds from enforcing drug laws

House votes to block DoJ from enforcing cannabis prohibition, study found CBD exposure elevates liver toxicity, and Summer Breeze would be great for someone suffering from anxiety, depression or exhaustion.

Alibi V.28 No.25 • June 20-26, 2019

Elote’s for Sho’tes

Burque’s Burgers and Dawgs brings color to International District

Burque’s Burgers and Dawgs is a bright dot on Gibson that is hard to miss and has a good foundation of food to grow from.


No to Ranked Voting, Yes to NBC

Your City Council keeps governing

The Albuquerque City Council served up a fat stack of agenda items at its nearly six-hour June 17 regular meeting. The Council does not meet during July so they had to tie up all the city business that must be done


Attorney General says UNM has violated public records laws by withholding documents from investigators; FBI Albuquerque Division has instated a new Violent Crimes Task Force; an annual report has ranked New Mexico as the worst state in which to raise a child.

Odds & Ends

Funny because embarrassing plastic shopping bags are given to someone else.

A Positive Influence

Pride, LGBTQ Community improve corporations

More and more companies are realizing the importance of diversity and inclusion. A new report by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation found that LGBT inclusive practices gave 59 percent of companies better job applicant pools, and 71 percent of companies a reputation boost.


Cholo Goth Is Here

Orale, carnales, do the dark dance!

Cholo Goth is a thing. You can thank the dudes from Prayers for bringing this new sound, attitude and subculture.


Arts Programs for Kids Sees Support

Vintage Albuquerque continues supporting the arts

Vintage Albuquerque began as a way to support the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and expanded to support arts education programs for children in New Mexico. To provide funding for these programs, they have the Wine & Food Fiesta.


The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Fresh-voiced debut dramedy places setting above all

The Last Black Man in San Francisco levies plenty of criticisms against the City by the Bay but, and because, it is also deeply steeped in a love for the place.

Bring Out Your Dead

Army of the Dead needs Albuquerque area extras, see October Sky under the airplanes or see a double-feature of Los Incredibles 2 y The Incredibles 2.

Mental Health Disorder

“The Shake-Up” on PBS

"The Shake-Up" is gripping a piece of investigative journalism as you could hope for and should be essential viewing for anyone concerned with or impacted by the field of mental health.


Flight of Spirit

New book celebrates the photographs of Anne Noggle

Anne Noggle’s interest in photographing older women holds a place in the canon of American photography that few have sought to match and the new book Flight of Spirit: The Photographs of Anne Noggle is a brilliant, though by no means exhaustive, collection of some of her finest work.

Sew Poor

The state of the New Mexico garment industry

Few New Mexicans are making a full-time income in fashion but Kathleen Fasanella believes it doesn’t have to be that way. She has worked in the garment industry for over 30 years, establishing the country’s only solar-powered sewing factory on Albuquerque’s Westside in 2015. We have a chat with her about the state of the garment industry in New Mexico and what can be done to change it for the better.

Found Objects

There's a lot of try to fit in this Saturday: Entangled, Sleeping Between the Sun and the Moon, Interdimensional Cubistic Conjunction + Friction Squared, Seed: Climate Change Resilience and the Sell Me Insanity book release.


Loopholes and Lassos

Did New Mexico legalize out-of-state patients?

Non-residents may be eligible for New Mexico's medical cannabis program; physicians are undereducated with respect to cannabis, but as people who aren't doctors it seems that Night Terror OG may be just the thing for anyone suffering from stress, exhaustion or insomnia.

Alibi V.28 No.24 • June 13-19, 2019

All Is True

Shakespeare retires to the country in Kenneth Branagh’s speculative biopic

The new biopic All Is True posits a speculative reason for our lack of information about William Shakespeare's life: He intentionally vanished from public life based on an untimely tragedy, general world-weariness and a dark family secret.


Things Are About to Heat Up

City Council election gathers steam

Weekly Alibi examines and analyzes the City Council candidates receiving public financing in this year’s upcoming municipal election.

A Deafening Silence

Past is future and future is now

Former Mayor Martin Chavez’ belief that a lack of consequences are to blame for the high crime rate—and consequently the show of force—seems simplistic for a man who once led this city into the 21st century.


A plan to store nuclear waste in an interim facility has met resistance from governor; ACLU is calling on authorities to block the construction of a private border wall in Sunland Park; dairy farmers in Bosque are trying to halt plans to run a massive power line across their lands.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being heartlessly denied the use of a communal scrotum dryer happens to someone else.


Influence Peddling

Enjoy Patrick Mehaffy's short films, the InterPlanetary Festival and Awakenings. And the ¡Cine Magnífico! submission deadline is at hand.

Boston Strong

“City on a Hill” on Showtime

The gritty crime series “City on a Hill” is produced by famed purveyors of fine Beantown entertainment and has a solid cast anchored by Kevin Bacon’s gleefully nasty performance, easily appreciated even if parts of it are wicked familiar.


Val James Is in the House

Multi-instrumentalist reflects on nature, nurture and rocanrol

Weekly Alibi chats with Val James, local blues guitarist singer-songwriter.


Funny Times in Albuquerque

Rusty Rutherford and the Funny Fiesta

Weekly Alibi sat down with Rusty Rutherford, a stand-up standout among the comics in Albuquerque as well as a comedy booster, to talk about the changing comedy scene here in Albuquerque and beyond.

32nd Annual Festival Flamenco

World class dance sourced locally and internationally

For the members of Yjastros, the past is rooted in traditional flamenco and the potential is to create something that not only shows the range of the company, but takes the form in a new direction—contemporary flamenco.

Found Objects

This week, check out Crippled Comedy Tour 2.0, He(art)s of Colour, Insects of Open Space and the Snaggy Hat Workshop.


Back to ... the Future?

Some things are too good to change, including Pizza Castle

Pizza Castle's new location trades away the grimy patina of decades for a drive-through.

A Quarter Century in the Making

Canteen Brewhouse celebrates 25 years

Il Vicino Brewing Company transformed into the now well-known Canteen Brewhouse, which is celebrating 25 years in business.

Patio Pleasures

Here are some of our favorite patios. We’re only a month away from the start of monsoon season, so this is a limited time opportunity to get in on patio fun before it’s too hot and too wet.


Hope Abounds

NM expands medical program

The state has finally expanded its medical cannabis program to include opioid addiction in its list of qualifying conditions; a Louisiana coroner is blaming a woman's death on an overdose of THC concentrate; Alien Brownies is great for those suffering from anxiety or tension.