Alibi V.28 No.33 • Aug 15-21, 2019

Ain’t No Land Like Poland

Red Rock Deli makes Poland proud

Red Rock Deli has some of the most consistent and solid food in this city. It’s not some elaborate show of presentation and crazy creation; it's tradition and love, and it’s simply sublime.


Best of Burque Restaurants Nominations are wide open until Aug. 28, 2019

Finalists square off starting Sept. 4

The venerable Best of Burque Restaurants returns yet again in 2019 to take the measure of the many and varied bistros, dives, hideaways, nooks, barns, big boxes, small boxes, coffee houses and food trucks. Albuquerque continues to evolve as a restaurant-based life form, a portion of its cells dying back to make room for healthy new growth. Some of last year’s faves have gone the way of the dodo. All of this year’s faves have yet to be made manifest. That’s your job! The nominations phase runs now through Wednesday, August 28, 2019 and you can nominate your favorites once each day. (Think of it as an applause-o-meter and get cracking!)

Education Reform in New Mexico

The past and the future come together at school

Last summer, a judge ruled public school funding was inadequate and so violated provisions in the New Mexico State Constitution. To come into compliance, the legislature and the governor have appropriated money to address state education shortfalls.


Dum-dums for Dummies

Fragmenting bullets worsen gun violence issue

Much of the ammunition sold to American civilians is actually considered too inhumane for our own military to use on enemy soldiers.

En El Norte

District 3 Congressional race heats up

10 Democrats and 1 Republican are vying to take Ben Ray Lujan's place in the House for District 3.


New Mexico denied federal immigration authorities' requests for the entire state's employment-records database; feds grant $6 million to state programs to battle opioid problem; diverse group met to discuss teacher evaluation system.


The Legend of Jimmy Stallings

Singer-songwriter chats with Barnes and March

We chat with Jimmy Stallings and Jeremy Barnes about tuneage, musical mythology, the ever-blossoming future and the always present past.

You’re Coming Along

Autumn, school, music

Face it: Everyone will like you so much better when you’ve learned to play a musical instrument, and the end of summer, just as fall approaches, is a perfect time to learn.


Wacky World of Weed Law

Confusion abounds in post-hemp legalization

Some states that legalized hemp have law enforcement which can't measure THC; court rules New Mexico ID is not required for medical cannabis card; Orange Apricot OG is recommended for those suffering from fatigue, stress or sleeplessness.


Blinded by the Light

Springsteen-inspired “musical” tries to mix realism and romance

If you’re predisposed to the music of Bruce Springsteen or have a weakness for feel-good movies about scrappy Brits lifted out of their socioeconomic stresses by a little song and dance, Blinded by the Light will have you singing along in no time.

Sensory Experience

See “sensory friendly” Superpower Dogs, New Mexico Women in Film's first Happy Hour, Labyrinth and She Done Him Wrong in the mountains.

Mental Hopscotch

“This Way Up” on Hulu

"This Way Up" contains a lot of very British in-jokes, so a previous appreciation of UK comedy helps. Nonetheless, the show’s edgy humor, empathetic storyline and appealing star do a lot to broaden its reach beyond the British Isles.

Comic Expo Explodes

Inaugural con lures pop culture icons

The inaugural New Mexico Comic Expo kicks off this weekend (Aug. 16 through 18) at the Albuquerque Convention Center.


Youth Building a Future Outside

A Conversation with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps’ Janus Herrera

We talk with Janus Herrera of the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps about working with New Mexico youth on conservation, preservation and recreation projects that build skills and develop job readiness.

to cleave: poems

Barbara Rockman Situates Poems in Place

The collection of poems in to cleave: poems by local teacher Barbara Rockman takes on the subject of domestic family life.

Found Objects

This week there's Chrysalis - The Art of Sarah Cummings, Counterculture in New Mexico, Insects of Albuquerque's Open Space: Pollinators and their Predators, Seed: Climate Change Resilience and Neighborhood Codices.


When Looking for Tail, TD’s Succeeds

TD’s Showclub manages a surprisingly good surf and turf

If you are going out for the night with friends, need a solid place to kick off your Friday night and want to eat something good, give TD’s a shot.

Comfort Food In Comfort Zone

Nothing is quite as enjoyable as having a whole meal from a decent place delivered to the comfort of home. Here are some recommendations for non-traditional delivery restaurants via app ordering for the nights you’re just not feeling it.

Alibi V.28 No.32 • Aug 8-14, 2019

The Art Found in Beetle Galleries

Bunny Bowen’s Beetle-Killed Trees

It was discovering the beauty of the intricate patterns left by insect infestations that have ravaged Southwestern forests that both inspired and saddened Bunny Bowen.


Border Concerns Continue

Immigration, violence and their local effects

Weekly Alibi reports on events in El Paso, the immigrant and refugee office in Burque and recent changes to border policy that affect New Mexicans.

District One Update

Haaland meets with citizens

Democratic Congresswoman Deb Haaland returned to Burque this weekend and met with supporters, the press and the general public this past Saturday at a number of local events.


Former New Mexico Tax and Revenue Department Secretary Demesia Padilla is facing two more felony counts; a lawsuit has been filed against BLM over oil and gas lease sales near Chaco Canyon; Border Patrol says it apprehended 225 migrants attempting to illegally cross the border near the Antelope Wells Port of Entry.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being mistaken for a green iguana happens to someone else.


It’s Festival Eclectica!

Woman-fronted fest takes over Angel Fire

Wondering what you can do to beat the heat? Head northeast about 154 miles to Angel Fire for Festival Eclectica.

Sonic Reducer

We review new releases by Sweet Nothin and Lady Uranium, as well as a compilation called WEEDIAN Volume 2.


The Art of Not Choking

Artichoke Cafe maintains excellence for 30 years

Artichoke Café pricing isn’t so exorbitant that you couldn’t manage to pull off a nice date night there once in a while, and the lunch pricing alone is very fair, in terms of comparability with other spaces around town versus quality. Maybe if someone has been around for 30 years, you should check out what they’re doing right.

Share Your Secrets

Is there a dish you love to make that requires something unique or different from the store that people don’t expect? Here’s how Dan Pennington cooks steak.


Them That Follow

Backwoods melodrama slithers along slowly

Them That Follow's script feels generally underwritten, giving slight motivation to the various changes in character and ticking off the story beats in the rote manner of a cautionary after-school melodrama.

Movie Biz

Filmmakers of the present and future should go to the New Mexico Film Office’s open house event and the New Mexico Film & Media Industry Conference. And the Native Cinema Showcase begins next Wednesday.

TV News

Tidbits from around the dial

A little mermaid and the civil rights movement are coming to TV, and interdimensional travel both comes and goes.


Can’t We All Just Eat Some Cake?

Aux Dog’s The Cake Takes on Half-Baked Bigotry

The Cake is a modern, comedic take on modern issues that are routed in timeless dilemmas, inspired by an incident that led to a Supreme Court case.

Found Objects

Tour the Sasebo Japanese Garden, launch the Cuckoo Beest project, hear to cleave: poems and celebrate and dedicate the Orpheum Community Hub mural.


Too Cool For School

Districts struggle with new rule

School districts are bucking a rule that allows students enrolled in the state's Medical Cannabis Program to receive doses of marijuana while on campus; Democratic candidates for president thrust skewers at one other over cannabis legalization.

Alibi V.28 No.31 • Aug 1-7, 2019



Governor fired Public Education Secretary Karen Trujillo; a judge says he wants to throw out the state's case against former Torrance County Sheriff Heath White; a new law that would spread out the dates of local elections more evenly is being challenged.

Odds & Ends

Funny because dying behind supermarket coolers happens to someone else.


Hot Town!

Summer in the city

These are shows you can use as an excuse to disappear from downtown El Duque before the back of your neck feels the dirt and grit of a place where the sidewalks can indeed be hotter than a match head.

Crossing Styx with a Hot Guitar

James Young puts the rock in the ride

We chat with James Young of Styx about rocanrol, the electric guitar and a beloved band that keeps going and going, headed for the sky and other celestial bodies, too.


The River, The Ocean and The Sea

Photographing Water Around the World

The photography project The River, The Ocean, The Sea is about the Rio Grande, the Atlantic Ocean and the Andaman Sea, respectively, or at least the parts that photographers Nick Tauro Jr., Fábio Miguel Roque and Hean Kuan Ong know well. Weekly Alibi sat down with Nick Tauro Jr. to talk about how the project came together, what the photographs tell us and why he makes photography books in the digital age.

Camera Redacted

Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams

Consider for a moment if you could smuggle film out of North Korea. The effort it took to bring Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams to Albuquerque is enough to warrant a good long look.

Found Objects

Another month, another Friday. Check out Burque Revolt Poetry Slam, Suzanne Sbarge: Refresh, Remnants, ACTIVATE!, Retablo, Psychic Typographies & Guiltless Repetition and A Living Archive of Urban Indians.


The Sword of Trust

Tiny indie comedy keeps mumblecore alive

The Sword of Trust is quirky and amusing and has just a tiny bit to say about human beings learning to trust one another. Viewers longing for the loose, improvisational indie films of the early 2000s will feel right at home.

Fast Filmmaking Fest

See screenings for last week's hastily-made films, as well as Artifishal, Paris to Pittsburgh, and Everything Is Terrible!

On Track

“Infinity Train” on Cartoon Network

A mash-up of everything from “Over the Garden Wall” to “Adventure Time” to The Wizard of Oz to Snowpiercer, “Infinity Train” is an intriguingly assembled mystery blending fantasy and reality, cartoonish humor and dark horror.


Burgers, Bites and Beginnings

Santa Fe Bite is poised to take Nob Hill by storm

Sometimes there’s a hidden factor in a burger that makes it different than anything else you’ve ever tried. This “it” factor is alive and well at Santa Fe Bite, showing that there’s still room for traditional tastes to surprise us in a world saturated with wild creations.

Ganbatte, Albuquerque

Dinner offers tastes of Japan right here

At Destination Dinner: Japan you’ll be treated to as close to an actual Japanese experience as Albuquerque can muster, featuring a three-course meal that will take place in the Sasebo Japanese Garden.

The Only Curry Better Than Tim

Curry, a staple of Indian culture, which also became popular in Japan, is the perfect combination of saucy spices to go with rice, meat and veggies and just what you need to hit the spot that kickstarts your system with a bit of heat and a lot of flavor.


Here Comes the Judge

Court asked to rule on non-resident cannabis cards

Non-residents have asked a judge to force the Department of Health to enroll them in the Medical Cannabis Program; Senate support for SAFE Banking Act unsure; CBD might be useful in treating stimulent addiction; Banana Punch does a great job at relieving pain and tension.