Alibi V.28 No.35 • Aug 29-Sept 4, 2019

A Conversation with Deb Haaland

US Rep visits Weekly Alibi for a chat

Congresswoman Deb Haaland took the time to come by and chat with Weekly Alibi about all sorts of political stuff.

Weekly Alibi’s Southern New Mexico Cannabis Expo lands in Las Cruces Nov. 1, 2019

Inaugural event connects businesses

Here at Weekly Alibi, we love the sweet leaf and everyone who makes access possible. That’s why we’re hosting the very first Southern New Mexico Cannabis Expo presented by Rich Global Hemp Company in Las Cruces, NM. Educate yourself on the medical cannabis and hemp industry. Meet the faces behind the business on Friday, November 1st at the Las Cruces Convention Center. Visit over 30 vendors from New Mexico and west Texas from 12:00PM to 5:00PM and learn all about the benefits of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.


Revitalizing Our Democracy

Public financing will evolve if voters say so

Weekly Alibi met with Democracy Dollars proponent Dede Feldman to get the lowdown on this latest variation on representative democracy.


New Mexico is encouraging residents to participate in the US Census and avoid losing funding; a safe house is opening for teenage survivors of sex trafficking; Residents near the village of Pecos are fighting a proposal to conduct exploratory mining operations on Santa Fe National Forest land.


90 Years of UNM Press

A Conversation with Director Stephen Hull

Weekly Alibi sat down with Director Stephen Hull to talk about where University of New Mexico Press has been and where it is going.

After Elvis Left the Building

Thoughts on Ben Roe Jr.’s Elvis and Birds

A work of driven by collage, Elvis and Birds is an assemblage of parts with a complexity best considered by separating the main elements and taking them one at a time.

Found Objects

Coming up: 22 Poems: A Benefit Reading and Candlelight Vigil for El Paso, Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, Bread Amnesty Day, Eche Otro Vistazo — the Art of Jakubowski and A Place to Ponder.


Cultivating Science

SRI lawsuit promising

Lawsuit against DEA for failing to license new marijuana cultivators is reportedly making progress; Sexdriver Kush is good for anyone suffering from pain or insomnia.


After the Wedding

American remake of Danish film milks the mama drama

The story of people whose best intentions often end up steamrolling over the lives and emotions of others is both touching and universal, but overall, After the Wedding lacks the teary-eyed impact you'd expect.

Fall Into TV

Broadcast Networks set premiere dates

September is upon us, and that means the big broadcast networks will be opening the gates on a new fall season of dramas, sitcoms and reality shows. So what do we have to look forward to, and when can we see it?



Need a Pita, Take a Pita

Need-A-Pita does Middle Eastern food perfectly

Much like the baklava, Need-A-Pita is all about layers. It would be easy to mistake it for just another eatery on Menaul but peel back a few layers, and it’s a place of love and care towards the food that gives it more oomph than you find in some other parts of the city.

Hot Dogs, Oreos, Maybe Lard?

Food On-A-Stick Festival Signals Summer’s End

What speaks more to the heart of the good folks in the US of A than serving their favorite foods on a stick, thereby releasing them from burdens of cutlery and table manners in favor of something far more … salacious?

Transitions in Life

If appreciating the joy of your kitchen is not an option for you, then maybe check out one of these drinking events instead.

Alibi V.28 No.34 • Aug 22-28, 2019

Shining a Light on a Black Hole

An Interview with Barbara Grothus

We spoke with Black Hole/Atomic City (State of Decay) curator Barbara Grothus about the nuclear business, nuclear disarmament and the stories that aren’t being told about our nuclear history here in New Mexico.


A Project Called Guardian

Keller, city leaders plan a response to violence

City leaders—including high-ranking representatives from the Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque Fire Rescue, the administration of Mayor Tim Keller and a local FBI agent—converged to provide more details about Project Guardian, the umbrella term describing the city’s response to domestic terrorism and public shootings.


State leaders met to outline ways to protect residents from domestic terrorism; APS hired 446 teachers but still needs more; DoJ is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by New Mexico over program that offers assistance to migrant asylum seekers.


Ready or Not

Devilish black comedy is a real killer

With its mix of old and new, familiar and unexpected, silly and shocking, Ready or Not ends up as an audaciously unconventional exercise in genre cinema that plays out like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as penned by Agatha Christie.


See The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tortilla Soup paired with a menu of incredible food items, another food pairing but with an unspecified movie and “Raúl Juliá: The World’s Stage”.

Cash From Chaos

“On Becoming a God in Central Florida” on Showtime

Occasionally uncomfortably close-to-home, but consistently, energetically nerve-jangling, “On Becoming a God in Central Florida” is right on the money.



A Thought Beyond Oblivion

Reyes Padilla’s Ascension

Here is the problem for Reyes Padilla: How do you monetize a site-specific installation in an art museum?

Found Objects

Check out an Artist Talk with Noel Anderson, Dr. Judith Grisel book signing and lecture, Harvey, First Flower Friday and the reception for To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults.


It’s Like Coming Home

Casa Rondeña’s kitchen is a bold new direction for the winery

Casa Rondeña wasn’t always a winery; it used to be a home. There are a lot of places that have a homey-like decor or a home-style menu, but have they ever felt like dinner with your family?

Here We Go Again

Another week, another set of specials. Not specials in the form you’re thinking of. Special events, so to speak. Specials that give pause for occasion and celebration. Specials that make us take a minute to appreciate the city we live in. Specials that make us grow and expand as people.


Strangers in a Strange Land

Battle continues over non-resident MMJ applications

Ruling about medical cannabis card not requiring New Mexico ID is not the court's final decision; Working Group On Cannabis Legalization tours medical dispensaries; Larry OG is a great strain for relieving pain and tension and amazing at improving mood.

Alibi V.28 No.33 • Aug 15-21, 2019

Best of Burque Restaurants Nominations are wide open until Aug. 28, 2019

Finalists square off starting Sept. 4

The venerable Best of Burque Restaurants returns yet again in 2019 to take the measure of the many and varied bistros, dives, hideaways, nooks, barns, big boxes, small boxes, coffee houses and food trucks. Albuquerque continues to evolve as a restaurant-based life form, a portion of its cells dying back to make room for healthy new growth. Some of last year’s faves have gone the way of the dodo. All of this year’s faves have yet to be made manifest. That’s your job! The nominations phase runs now through Wednesday, August 28, 2019 and you can nominate your favorites once each day. (Think of it as an applause-o-meter and get cracking!)


Education Reform in New Mexico

The past and the future come together at school

Last summer, a judge ruled public school funding was inadequate and so violated provisions in the New Mexico State Constitution. To come into compliance, the legislature and the governor have appropriated money to address state education shortfalls.


Dum-dums for Dummies

Fragmenting bullets worsen gun violence issue

Much of the ammunition sold to American civilians is actually considered too inhumane for our own military to use on enemy soldiers.

En El Norte

District 3 Congressional race heats up

10 Democrats and 1 Republican are vying to take Ben Ray Lujan's place in the House for District 3.


New Mexico denied federal immigration authorities' requests for the entire state's employment-records database; feds grant $6 million to state programs to battle opioid problem; diverse group met to discuss teacher evaluation system.


Ain’t No Land Like Poland

Red Rock Deli makes Poland proud

Red Rock Deli has some of the most consistent and solid food in this city. It’s not some elaborate show of presentation and crazy creation; it's tradition and love, and it’s simply sublime.

When Looking for Tail, TD’s Succeeds

TD’s Showclub manages a surprisingly good surf and turf

If you are going out for the night with friends, need a solid place to kick off your Friday night and want to eat something good, give TD’s a shot.

Comfort Food In Comfort Zone

Nothing is quite as enjoyable as having a whole meal from a decent place delivered to the comfort of home. Here are some recommendations for non-traditional delivery restaurants via app ordering for the nights you’re just not feeling it.


Wacky World of Weed Law

Confusion abounds in post-hemp legalization

Some states that legalized hemp have law enforcement which can't measure THC; court rules New Mexico ID is not required for medical cannabis card; Orange Apricot OG is recommended for those suffering from fatigue, stress or sleeplessness.


Blinded by the Light

Springsteen-inspired “musical” tries to mix realism and romance

If you’re predisposed to the music of Bruce Springsteen or have a weakness for feel-good movies about scrappy Brits lifted out of their socioeconomic stresses by a little song and dance, Blinded by the Light will have you singing along in no time.

Sensory Experience

See “sensory friendly” Superpower Dogs, New Mexico Women in Film's first Happy Hour, Labyrinth and She Done Him Wrong in the mountains.

Mental Hopscotch

“This Way Up” on Hulu

"This Way Up" contains a lot of very British in-jokes, so a previous appreciation of UK comedy helps. Nonetheless, the show’s edgy humor, empathetic storyline and appealing star do a lot to broaden its reach beyond the British Isles.

Comic Expo Explodes

Inaugural con lures pop culture icons

The inaugural New Mexico Comic Expo kicks off this weekend (Aug. 16 through 18) at the Albuquerque Convention Center.


The Legend of Jimmy Stallings

Singer-songwriter chats with Barnes and March

We chat with Jimmy Stallings and Jeremy Barnes about tuneage, musical mythology, the ever-blossoming future and the always present past.

You’re Coming Along

Autumn, school, music

Face it: Everyone will like you so much better when you’ve learned to play a musical instrument, and the end of summer, just as fall approaches, is a perfect time to learn.


Youth Building a Future Outside

A Conversation with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps’ Janus Herrera

We talk with Janus Herrera of the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps about working with New Mexico youth on conservation, preservation and recreation projects that build skills and develop job readiness.

to cleave: poems

Barbara Rockman Situates Poems in Place

The collection of poems in to cleave: poems by local teacher Barbara Rockman takes on the subject of domestic family life.

Found Objects

This week there's Chrysalis - The Art of Sarah Cummings, Counterculture in New Mexico, Insects of Albuquerque's Open Space: Pollinators and their Predators, Seed: Climate Change Resilience and Neighborhood Codices.