Alibi V.28 No.37 • Sept 12-18, 2019

Official Secrets

Government whistleblower drama is realistically disappointing

Official Secrets isn’t as thrilling or tragic or uplifiting as you might hope. It’s just a bummer—the exact sort of bummer we’ve come to expect these days from our government.

Weekly Alibi’s Southern New Mexico Cannabis Expo lands in Las Cruces Nov. 1, 2019

Inaugural event connects businesses

Here at Weekly Alibi, we love the sweet leaf and everyone who makes access possible. That’s why we’re hosting the very first Southern New Mexico Cannabis Expo presented by Rich Global Hemp Company in Las Cruces, NM. Educate yourself on the medical cannabis and hemp industry. Meet the faces behind the business on Friday, November 1st at the Las Cruces Convention Center. Visit over 30 vendors from New Mexico and west Texas from 12:00PM to 5:00PM and learn all about the benefits of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.


More Data from District 3

Joseph Sanchez on energy and infrastructure

Weekly Alibi sat down with Joseph Sanchez, to get a better idea of who he is and what he represents in a crowded Congressional District 3 field that demands attention as the June 2020 primary nears ever nearer.

Vigil’s Quest

Focusing on homelessness and addiction

Connie Vigil is the only elephant running for City Council District 2, but she happens to champion certain platform issues that sound progressive.


Details of a 2014 report that the New Mexico Department of Corrections attempted to conceal have become public; Albuquerque will be replacing current eligible city vehicles with alternative fuel vehicles; APS to initiate a new energy-saving plan.


International Cinema

Check out the ¡Globalquerque! International Cinema Series, a Scooby Doo movie marathon, Vietnam: An Inner View and The Medicine in Marijuana.

Building a Flashback

“A Very Brady Renovation” on HGTV

More than 45 years after the iconic TV series “The Brady Bunch” was canceled, HGTV went out and spent $3.5 million ($1.6 million over asking price) for the original “Brady House.”


Finding the Heart of the Art

What You Might Have Missed at the State Fair

For the adventurous fair-goer, the New Mexican art lover or the seeker of the creative spirit that can only be found in New Mexico, Clarke Condé suggests marching right out the doors of the arts buildings and into the nearest agriculture building.

Through the 1920s and Into Albuquerque

Karil Bovée’s Grace in the Wings

Grace in the Wings takes its readers on a train ride from New York City to Los Angeles with an eventful stop in Albuquerque. This highly entertaining book offers tropes from romance, murder mystery, film noir, melodrama and historical fiction.

Found Objects

This week, check out Blood & Water, Cuatro Corazones One Spirit, Head of a Woman, Becoming and a reading from Escalante's Dream: On the Trail of the Spanish Discovery of the Southwest.


Easy Breezy, See a Show

Live amongst the concerts in your week

At least the nights are beginning to stretch out. With that in mind, we remind you that a caper is indeed afoot but really begins in earnest when you walk through the door of your favorite venue and start jamming the funk out.

Jay Leno Returns To Burque

Jay Leno brings the laughs to The Showroom

Jay Leno is still on the road and performing with his poignant style for highlighting the oddities of day-to-day life. Having the chance to sit down and talk with him, we dug into what keeps him touring, his past projects and his thoughts on a few things.

Dancing with Baracutanga

A groovy movement forward through cumbia and kindness

We chat with three of the septet of local postmodernist polymorphic, Latinx hipsters Baracutanga.


Taco Tuesday Is For Weaklings

Join us for #AlibiTacoWeek and prove you stand with giants

Learn the intricacies that makes each of these tacos wonderful and unique and then go out and find them.

Roll Your Own

Hosho finds light bites appealing at Spring Rollin’

At first glance you probably wouldn't think you could successfully build a restaurant around what, in America, is basically considered an appetizer, but that's exactly what Spring Rollin' has done. With spring rolls made right before your eyes and egg rolls flash fried as you pick your spring roll ingredients, they've combined traditional with inventive to a pretty delicious effect.
Jim Legans, JR / CC AS 2.0

Freedom From Tacos

Maybe you’re not feeling tacos and want something different. That’s why this week’s The Dish is on all things not taco.


Clear the Air

Officials narrow in on vaping danger

Authorities may have figured out the problem behind a spate of lung disease cases that were apparently related to vaping; Eric Cantor predicts federal legalization not happening soon; only 33 patients suffering from opioid addiction have been accepted into the medical cannabis program since June; London Poundcake should help those suffering from joint pain and tension.

News on the Green

Ultra Health CEO Duke Rodriguez becomes the first Arizonan to be issued a New Mexico medical cannabis card. Also, researchers need more pot!

Alibi V.28 No.36 • Sept 5-11, 2019

Finding the Words That Heal

A Conversation with Albuquerque Poet Manuel González

Manuel González is the kind of poet who gets more animated the more he talks about the healing powers of poetry. Not simply the poems themselves, but the community that develops when poets come together to speak the truth as they see it and to let go of the words that have been holding them back.


Best of Burque Restaurants Voting is underway Sept. 4-18

Vote for top-ranked nominees daily

The nominations are in and the top finalists are now ready for the final round of public approbation that is Weekly Alibi’s Best of Burque Restaurants. Voting runs September 4 through September 18, noon to noon. As with the nomination phase, you can vote once per 24 hour period. So vote early, vote often and put your favorites over the top!


A Remarkable Breeze

After school program honors and educates

The New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues has been goal-oriented. Its stated purpose: “To make music camps and classes accessible by being low cost to the community and fully funded for families with limited resources.”

The Tenacious Tree

On Dave Payne and Salt Cedar

Dave Payne and Salt Cedar have created a singular American sound that comes out crystal clear on the band’s new eponymous recording. Payne dropped by Weekly Alibi to tell us all about it.

Sonic Reducer

We review new releases by Toll Booth Mustache, Howlcifer Jones and Cactus Warmuth.


Soo Bak To The Basics

Soo Bak Seoul Bowl is right at home in their new kitchen

Soo Bak Seoul Bowl is just plain amazing. From food truck to full restaurant, with food this good, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they were busy, even hidden away off of Central Avenue.

A Different Kind of Edible

Learn about the Sandias at the Herb Walk

Picture this scenario: You get lost in the Sandias and can’t find your way down. Trapped in the wilderness, what do you do?

Do I Really Love Anything?

When catching up with friends, the usual question thrown my way nowadays is: Where do you recommend to eat? Here are some favorite go-to’s.


Cloud of Doom

DOH Warns Against Vaping

New Mexico Department of Health released a warning concerning vaping and dabbing and judge orders officials to allow out-of-state applicants into the Medical Cannabis Program.


An Insurgent Campaign

Nelson battles for District 2

In the heavily contested District 2 race—an electoral contest currently being defined by the work and legacy of Isaac Benton—Blanquera Nelson says he can make a difference by getting more people from the community heard and involved.

The Dog Days of BernCo

County Commission meets to govern

The dog days of summer found Bernalillo County government folks making some cool governance moves at recent Bernalillo County Commission meetings.


Residents gathered at the Sheriff's Office to call for his resignation; New Mexico law settlement terms have been published; Albuquerque will be cleaning up two parks.


Magnificent Cinema

¡Cine Magnifico! celebrates diversity of Ibero-American cultures

Given the cross-cultural crossroads that is modern-day Albuquerque, it seems only natural that our city would host its very own, homegrown Latin American film festival: !Cine Magnifico!

Get It On

Enjoy the It: Chapter Two party, Whip It, Singin’ in the Rain and a Breakdown Services training seminar.

My Fantasy

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” on Netflix

Lushly conceptualized, smartly written, wonderfully acted and enchantingly directed, “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” is the perfect fantasy escape—even if you aren’t lucky enough to be a child of the ’80s.


Found Objects

This week there's Bridge: Art & Social Justice, PRIMITIVE EARTHQUAKE, CHROMATICISM, El Perú: Art in the Contemporary Past, International Vulture Awareness Day and Respira.

Alibi V.28 No.35 • Aug 29-Sept 4, 2019

After the Wedding

American remake of Danish film milks the mama drama

The story of people whose best intentions often end up steamrolling over the lives and emotions of others is both touching and universal, but overall, After the Wedding lacks the teary-eyed impact you'd expect.


A Conversation with Deb Haaland

US Rep visits Weekly Alibi for a chat

Congresswoman Deb Haaland took the time to come by and chat with Weekly Alibi about all sorts of political stuff.

Revitalizing Our Democracy

Public financing will evolve if voters say so

Weekly Alibi met with Democracy Dollars proponent Dede Feldman to get the lowdown on this latest variation on representative democracy.


New Mexico is encouraging residents to participate in the US Census and avoid losing funding; a safe house is opening for teenage survivors of sex trafficking; Residents near the village of Pecos are fighting a proposal to conduct exploratory mining operations on Santa Fe National Forest land.


90 Years of UNM Press

A Conversation with Director Stephen Hull

Weekly Alibi sat down with Director Stephen Hull to talk about where University of New Mexico Press has been and where it is going.

After Elvis Left the Building

Thoughts on Ben Roe Jr.’s Elvis and Birds

A work of driven by collage, Elvis and Birds is an assemblage of parts with a complexity best considered by separating the main elements and taking them one at a time.

Found Objects

Coming up: 22 Poems: A Benefit Reading and Candlelight Vigil for El Paso, Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, Bread Amnesty Day, Eche Otro Vistazo — the Art of Jakubowski and A Place to Ponder.


Cultivating Science

SRI lawsuit promising

Lawsuit against DEA for failing to license new marijuana cultivators is reportedly making progress; Sexdriver Kush is good for anyone suffering from pain or insomnia.


Fall Into TV

Broadcast Networks set premiere dates

September is upon us, and that means the big broadcast networks will be opening the gates on a new fall season of dramas, sitcoms and reality shows. So what do we have to look forward to, and when can we see it?



Need a Pita, Take a Pita

Need-A-Pita does Middle Eastern food perfectly

Much like the baklava, Need-A-Pita is all about layers. It would be easy to mistake it for just another eatery on Menaul but peel back a few layers, and it’s a place of love and care towards the food that gives it more oomph than you find in some other parts of the city.

Hot Dogs, Oreos, Maybe Lard?

Food On-A-Stick Festival Signals Summer’s End

What speaks more to the heart of the good folks in the US of A than serving their favorite foods on a stick, thereby releasing them from burdens of cutlery and table manners in favor of something far more … salacious?

Transitions in Life

If appreciating the joy of your kitchen is not an option for you, then maybe check out one of these drinking events instead.