Alibi V.28 No.43 • Oct 24-30, 2019

Where Music and Message Mingle

EJazz and Community Service Meld for Benefit Concert

Fascinated with the purposeful, supportive idea of a benefit concert for Domestic Violence Resource Center, Weekly Alibi asked Emerson Corley of Entourage Jazz and Vincent Galbiati of DVRC to stop by the office for a chat.


Blair From District 3

Santa Fe Native, Obama Appointee Runs

Weekly Alibi chatted with Congressional District 3 candidate John Blair,

Parties, Crime, Hotels and the Public

Council Discusses Plethora of Issues

While wearing pink, city leaders gave out big bucks to stop underage drinking, more bucks to spiff up a Downtown hotel and high-fives for the cops.


New Mexico will adopt the SAT as the standardized test for high school juniors; CYFD will be making changes to a new task force a mere day after the task force was introduced to the public; Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) system planned to be running sometime this winter.


Gun Control, Quirky Style

The readers write about preventing gun crime and the Albuquerque Journal's new standards.


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Revisionist fairy tale returns with familiar sequel

Clearly, more attention went into Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’s look than into its easily telegraphed screenplay.

Documentaries of the Dead

This is a busy week with La Festividad de los Muertos, Noche de Animas, Reel Rock 14 Film Tour, the GRAL Brothers providing live musical scores to horror films, Corpse Bride, Psycho, the “Writing the Horror Movie" workshop and Horror Film Trivia Vol. III: The Final Reckoning.

Maxed Out

HBO Max joins the flood of streaming services

Viewers of visual media can be forgiven for thinking that today’s “streaming” services have turned into a veritable deluge. This week, meet HBO Max.


GWAR Is Coming

GWAR is coming and Weekly Alibi had an opportunity to chat with Pustulus Maximus. A very brief opportunity.



A Local View on National Novel Writing Month

As National Novel Writing Month approaches, Albuquerque’s writers are preparing to commit to writing a novel in November. Weekly Alibi sat down with Albuquerque NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison Sonja Dewing to talk about how to get through writing a novel in a month.

The Art of Imperfect Machines

Mechanics Alive! at Explora

In the new exhibit Mechanics Alive! at Explora, art is in the form of machines made by hand that express things human, not mechanical.

Found Objects

See Mother Jones in Heaven, Paradigm Tilt and author and playwright Octavio Solis.


The Pie of My Eye

Inspired by Quarter Celtic's Shepherd's Pie, Dan Pennington makes Cottage Pie and shares his recipe.

Lemme Bug You For A Sec

Don’t Bug Out on This Dinner

One of the things you can do this week is eat some well-prepared bugs, while learning about how much more often you could be doing that.


Governor's Group Reports

Recommendations Made for Legalization

A group of politicians and cannabis industry leaders officially made their recommendations to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham vis-à-vis recreational cannabis legalization; battle over hemp is being waged on the Navajo Nation; vape panic blamed on black market cartridges.

(Intro)The Chill Sets In

So much has happened in this short Year of the Pig. Marijuana isn't the pariah it used to be. It's not even the sexy rebel with rolled-up shirt sleeves that it was 12 months ago. Now everybody's doing it. Your grandma's blasé about the whole thing. Oink, oink, baby.

Edible Voyage

Slide, Glide, Slippity-Slide

Proper dosing when consuming edible medical cannabis is an important aspect of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the plant. This is especially true when it comes to pain management, stimulating or moderating appetite and as an adjunct to relieving symptoms like muscle spasms and intestinal cramps. Here are some simple guidelines to help make such expeditions go well.

Second Harvest

What’s That Black Goo in Your Pipe?

Resin (some call it “reclaim,” but I've also heard that term used for the byproduct left after vaping wax) is a mix of tar, ash and carbon that's a byproduct of plant combustion. Here's a way to clean it out of your glassware.

Vaping Scare

What You Need to Know

Lately, it seems like one issue has been creating more anxiety in cannabis users than both Jeff Sessions and bud rot combined. Cannabis oil vaping-related illnesses are raging across the nation like wildfire, leaving a swath of injured people and freaked-out consumers in its wake.

Fall Fruit

Marijuana plants only take between six and 10 weeks to turn around from seed to flower—it isn't called a “weed” for nothing—so there isn't really a “harvest season” to speak of. But that doesn't mean we can't pick out some good buds to help us wind down from the summer.


Essential Cannabis Listening

Imagine this: A heady session with an indica-dominant strain leaves you glued to your couch but hungry for thoughtful conversation about myriad topics within the cannabis industry, legalization efforts and more. Fire up your electronic device of choice and tune in to this selection of podcasts that cover a vast spectrum of cannabis topics.

Art and Entrepreneurship

An Interview With Two Stoned Betties

Sara Romãn and Kayla Mansfield, self-proclaimed Burqueñas and longtime best friends, are two dynamic artists and businesswomen who make more than just jewelry. Weekly Alibi recently sat down with Two Stoned Betties for an energetic conversation about Burque work and life.

The Buffet Is Open

Alternatives to Smoking

There's more than one way to crack an egg, peel an orange or skin a cat—and the same goes for getting your dose of medicinal marijuana. For some, smoking or vaping their medicine might seem too risky. For others, physical ailments might prevent them from comfortably hitting the pipe or pen. Well, to them, we say: Worry not.

A Conversation With Pat Davis

Chairman of the Governor’s Marijuana Legalization Work Group

After several meetings and a lengthy report to the governor, the Marijuana Legalization Working Group said they were done. That’s when Weekly Alibi asked to chat with working group chairman Pat Davis.

Sustainable, Inclusive Crop

An Interview With Brad Lewis

Agriculture is big business in The Land of Enchantment, and Weekly Alibi had the pleasure to sit down with New Mexico's own Agricultural and Environmental Services Division Director Brad Lewis.

Alibi V.28 No.42 • Oct 17-23, 2019

Ever Hear The One About The Taco Shop?

Nevermind, it’s too cheesy

Guaca Guaca does two things really well: Making traditional food well without worrying about overdressing it into something it isn’t, while also finding ways to add a bit of fun and change to time-tested formulas.


Kathy Griffin Comes Out

Scrap-happy comedian attends Way OUT West Gay & Lesbian Film Fest

Weekly Alibi spoke to Kathy Griffin prior to her Albuquerque visit about fickle fame, enduring humor, “the unshockable gays” and, of course, The Donald.



Photography in Interesting Times

Center’s Review Santa Fe Photo Festival

When everyone has a camera in their pocket why would you need a professional photographer? For 25 years, Center has kept photographers one step ahead of the turbulent and often overwhelming curse and blessing of living in these modern, interesting times.

The Crane in Abstract

“Hidden Duo” by P. K. Williams

To the crane, New Mexico may feel like an oasis. To P.K. Williams, the crane’s appearance may be an oasis in her work, as autumn turns colder and the vibrance of plant life no longer makes for a viable subject.

A Tale of Two Rivers

Renny Golden’s The Music of Her Rivers

The Music of Her Rivers is a two-part book of poetry about the history of two rivers: the Rio Grande and the Chicago River.

Found Objects

Come to the Unconference Kickoff Party, Spooky Slam, Through the Lives and Ghost, Ghost, Come Out Tonight.



DOH places warning on vapes

DOH ordered cannabis producers to start labeling their THC vaping products with warnings; upcoming device will reportedly show if a driver has smoked cannabis within a three-hour window; Justice Department report concluded that legalization wasn't harmful.

Durban Poison #2 at Southwest Wellness

Durban Poison #2 is a strong and reliable sativa that would be good for those suffering from cases of fatigue or depression and will certainly help to treat anxiety in social situations or help boost productivity.

News on the Green

Wherein we report on the findings of Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s legalization working group and a common drug test method that doesn’t distinguish CBD from THC.


Ending the Silence

Investigating Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

A recent report examines the continuing crisis concerning murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls throughout our nation. Weekly Alibi met with the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department Cabinet Secretary Lynn Trujillo, who will be overseeing the new task force to determine the scope of the problem.

Time to Vote!

Municipal Election Is a Beginning

Early voting for Albuquerque’s 2019 municipal election begins on Saturday, Oct. 19, providing an opportunity to inject some cultural meaning into you life. Citizens have the power to make decisions regarding local, state and regional governance; here’s your chance to participate.

APS Board Elections

Albuquerque Public Schools is holding an election for members of the Board of Education in school board Districts 1, 2 and 4



To bee, or not to bee: that is the question

Shot over the course of three years, Honeyland follows Hatidze Muratova, an older woman of Turkish descent who scratches out a living as a wild beekeeper, hiking dutifully up the cliffsides to capture wild honeybees and spirit them back to her traditional, cone-shaped beehives.

Reel World

For some reason, October is film festival central. This week, in particular, is jammed full of them.

The Land of Entrapment

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

What was going through Jesse’s addled mind in that sudden, unexpected moment of freedom when his former boss, drug kingpin anti-hero Walter White rescued him from enslavement at the hands of some white supremacists? Well, now we know (more or less), thanks to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.


Cheese Off

You gave us a tie, we’re giving you the tiebreaker

How do we resolve Best of Burque Restaurants' tie in the Best Grilled Cheese category? A taste test, obviously.

Alibi V.28 No.41 • Oct 10-16, 2019

Community College Election

Virginia Trujillo Reps CNM in District 6

We talk with CNM board District 6 incumbent candidate Virginia Trujillo about what her incumbency offers stakeholders moving forward, as well as to get an idea of some of the programs CNM offers.


You Voted, We Repo’ted

Our readers rock, basically

Here is our comprehensive list (compiled by you) of the latest, greatest and tastiest food here in Albuquerque.



“Revolutionary” origin story reimagines itself back into familiar territory

For all its hype about focusing solely on the Joker, for all its controversy-courting, for all its dogged insistence on ignoring DC Comics canon in order to spin its own “new” mythology, Joker adds next to nothing fresh or original.


This week you've gotta see Way OUT West, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Hocus Pocus and Being Leonardo da Vinci: An Impossible Interview.

Detecting Sarcasm

“Stumptown” on ABC

“Stumptown” doesn’t exactly break new ground in the jokey TV P.I. biz but it’s got a wisecracking lead and a colorful cast of characters.


No Ordinary Venue Menu

One night in Tokyo Bangkok made Hosho humble

What Tokyo Bangkok delivers is a baseline, default setting of fresh fish, quality ingredients and a true, workmanlike competence across their entire ambitious menu.
Rez.Fest.2018-1665 / CC AS 2.0

Where Am I?

Here are the food events Dan Pennington found while surfing the web at 4am in the morning.


Zoning, Guns, Traffic and Parties

Councilors Hear From Citizens, Debate Measures

A full house of citizens greeted the Albuquerque City Council as it worked on development rules, traffic on the one-ways and sports tourism as hot topics of discussion.


First human case of the plague discovered in New Mexico since 2017; over 100 Eldorado High School students appeared at APS board meeting calling for improvements in mental health resources; company owned by the late Jeffrey Epstein is asking a judge to reverse the cancellation of grazing contracts near Epstein’s Zorro Ranch.


A Nashville Cat

Justin Moore: Clean as Country Water

Weekly Alibi had a chance to sit down for a chat with Justin Moore. Besides being a country gentleman par excellance, our talk revealed many reasons why country music—and Moore in particular—is so relatable to fans looking for music that they can carry around in their hearts.

Uncanny Valley

At the Holographic Concert

Seeing hologram Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison was fun but also sort of creepy, not quite magical but totally technological.


Zebra Couture

The Fashion of Balloon Fiesta Launch Directors

“In the land of color, black and white rules,” or so say the Zebras of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Like the yellow shirts on an aircraft carrier, nothing takes flight without a firm go ahead from the Zebras. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hit in the head by a descending balloon.

Waiting Out the Anthropocene

The Poetry of Refugia by Kyce Bello

Refugia is not the excitable alarm we often find in works about climate change, but rather a beautiful reflection of the calm and matter-of-fact persistence of people that have already endured plenty over the centuries from the climate in New Mexico.

Found Objects

This week, check out Laura Robbins: A Sense of Place, Readings, Mamma Mia! and Confusionite Sediment.


Vaping Scare Continues

DOH issues further warning

The number of vaping injury cases in the state has risen to 15; three licensed cannabis producers are suing the state of New Mexico over what they say are arbitrary plant limits; a recent paper suggests that small amounts of marijuana can increase libido and extend orgasm.

News on the Green

Wherein we report on our own Southern New Mexico Cannabis Expo and a blockbuster cannabis industry deal that went bust.