Alibi V.28 No.50 • Dec 12-18, 2019

CBD: Steaming Hot Contraband

Iowa ups the ante on selling CBD

A CBD store owner in Iowa was arrested for selling controlled substances, highlighting continuing issues with the legal status of CBD-infused health products; USDA has been pushing ahead with hemp production regulations, and a federal watchdog group says expediency is key.


Shop Till You Stop

Last Minute Gift Guide 2019

So, you’ve waited until now to start your holiday shopping. We’re not gonna lie to you: It’s late in the game. Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday is a memory. And yet you still have a ton of gifts to purchase.

Nob Hill

Little Bear Coffee, Agave Florist and Avenger’s Vintage have gifts for Nob Hill shoppers.


Brotique, LongHair Records and A-1 Trophy Center have gifts for Midtown shoppers.

West Downtown

Metal the Store, Southwest Cactus Shop and Modern General Feed and Seed have gifts for West Downtown shoppers.

North Valley

Dan’s Boots & Saddles, Shumakolowa Native Arts, Valley Pawn and La Parada de Alameda have gifts for North Valley shoppers.


Chuppers Come Out and Play

Hanging with Manny Rettinger

Weekly Alibi had the honor of chatting with legendary local recordist, guitarist and musical miracle worker Manny Rettinger.

Existing on Stars

The Miracle of Shows

When an airplane transforms into a starship, watch out! Miracles can and will happen. Let’s take a look at those forces behind the power. Better yet, just show up; the sound and the scene will do the rest.


Not So Very Superstitious

An interview with critical thinking comedian Ian Harris

Ian Harris is the kind of rare comic who doesn’t simply make fun of people’s foibles, but of their core beliefs. We chat with him, especially about the subject of his Friday the 13th show, superstitions.

Found Objects

Check out Revealing Untold Stories of Chaco Canyon: Archaeocosmology, Grand Damn Slam, Festival of the Nativities, Rick Phelps Misfit Toy Box and Luminaria Flamenca.



Free Food Forever

Local nonprofit finds fruit for folks

The mission of Food is Free Albuquerque is to connect local humans with the abundant harvest that is all around them. We met with Erin Garrison, the executive director and talked about sustainable agriculture, Albuquerque style.

Present Tense

A city moves forward somehow

Southeast Albuquerque is moving forward IDEDC; Albuquerque still trying to recover from gutting of mental and public health programs and suffers record-breaking homicides.


Mayor announces that crime data system will undergo independent review; Lawmakers hired consultants to examine near-universal health care coverage; ART buses have been involved in a number of collisions.



Teen drama burns off a lot of emotion and a ton of energy

Waves is a worthy effort in the end—even if the man behind it might want to expend a little less effort next time around.

Locals Unite

This week there's a NMFF Indie Screening, The Nightmare Before Christmas at the DynaTheater, Guild Cinema's annual poster sale and a The LEGO Batman Movie and The Dark Knight double feature.

Have Blaster—Will Travel

“The Mandalorian” on Disney+

Whoever saw Star Wars: A New Hope and thought, “Hey, we need to explore more of this Galactic Senate stuff on Coruscant!” was an idiot. Jon Favreau, on the other hand, saw Star Wars and thought, “Man, we need more about these bounty hunters, smugglers and rogues on Tatooine.” Give that man a cookie!


Journey To Jerusalem

Taste of the Holy Land offers Rio Rancho something new

For many of us Burqueños, Rio Rancho isn’t the easiest drive, but with food like Jerusalem-Taste of the Holy Land, maybe it’s the only logical journey to make.

A Dog’s Dinner

Learn the secrets to making your own dog food

Have big dog food bills? Maybe you should take the Become a Personal Chef to your Pup class.

Please Sir, May I Have Some More (Events)?

With every holiday possible happening in the next three weeks, people are buckling down to get ready for the big days. We’re looking really tight on events this week, so let’s celebrate these three that are pretty awesome for soldiering forward during the crazy season.

Alibi V.28 No.49 • Dec 5-11, 2019

Make Up Your Mind

Runoff election offers choices for our city

After the discovery that the city's crime statistics erred on the side of optimism and as we approach the runoff election for City Council Districts 2 and 4, we asked candidates to speak to the issues of crime and homelessness in The Duke City.


Don’t Run Off Like That!

Too many choices, not enough harmony

The stories of ranked voting, the new municipal runoff election and the idea of nonpartisan elections are already familiar ones for El Burque, but here’s our take on the issues.


Secretary of State admits that election regulators have yet to complete spot checks for campaign finance compliance; Attorney General warns organizers and participants of a coyote killing contest against following through with their plans; ART buses officially rolled out.

Odds & Ends

Funny because having your photo taken with Satan happens to someone else.


Fantastic Fungi

Scientific documentary sings the praises of our fungal friends

Consider the humble mushroom. That’s more or less the premise behind Fantastic Fungi, a hagiographic documentary aimed at elevating the status of spores, molds and fungus. Don’t think that mushrooms are the greatest thing on planet Earth? Well, you soon will.

No Business Like Snow Business

This is the week for Warren Miller’s Timeless, Love Actually, a “!Colores!” documentary double feature and an educational lecture on everything you need to know about background talent and how to get booked on movies and television series.

Under the Gun

The Irishman on Netflix

Though long and slow, The Irishman is a consistently absorbing drama about one man’s life in crime and serves as an elegiac capper to the mafia myth and Scorsese’s career.


News on the Green

Weekly Alibi reports on how your status as a New Mexico medical cannabis patient can impact eligibility for employment with state government and the Dept. of Health’s proposal to establish cannabis consumption lounges.

MORE Act Hurts Legalization Efforts

Glaring flaws in the MORE Act are making many cannabis advocates nervous; New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program held a public meeting for comments on some proposed rule changes, but had to cut it short due to snow and icy weather.

Pucker Factor at Organtica

Pucker Factor should be useful for temporary relief and distraction from pain or nausea, easing social anxiety, elevating overall mood and promoting creativity and productivity.


Our Barbaric Yawpers

Over the roofs of the world

We chat with one of The Yawpers about their broadly American, mythic in scale and gritty in character sound.

A Holiday Reminder

Whatever happens, go to a show

Live music is the cure and we urge you to take it in as the end of the year inevitably rolls around.


The Ghost That Haunts

Albuquerque homelessness and An Adobe Christmas Carol

If art has a role in finding solutions to the problem of homelessness, its most useful tool may be offering perspective. Playwright Pete Parkin has adapted the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, cast it with actors playing the homeless and set it in Albuquerque circa 2019 to do just that.

A World of Wearable Art

The antidote to the ugly Christmas sweater

A World of Wearable Art opened on Tuesday, Dec. 3 and will remain throughout the month, but I caution that it operates more like a sale than an art show. By this I mean people are buying what they like, taking it off the wall and taking it home with them. It is a constantly shrinking show of original, one-of-a-kind works. Best to see it while you can.

Found Objects

Check out the final forum of the regional exhibition Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande, All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914, Christmas in New Mexico, 12x12 and Relaxed Nights at the Museum.



Da Vinci’s is full of surprises

Da Vinci's Pizza Café does their level best to offset the pricey menu items with a terrific assortment of quality ingredients and portions that all but guarantee leftovers.

Limited Time Leftovers

You’re on a deadline, eat while you can

Tired of turkey sandwiches? Have you felt left out in the cold by the boring options available to you? Turkey’s versatility shouldn’t be understated, with its gamier flavor than chicken, but subtle richness in the dark meats, you’ve got a wide profile of flavors to work with.

Weekly Specials

With family gatherings and office get-togethers occupying most of our time, the natural go-to is to bring food. So, dig out those recipe books, brace yourself for some dumb idiot to accidentally sign up for something you already signed up for at a potluck and let the holiday cheer run through you like wine down stone.

Alibi V.28 No.48 • Nov 28-Dec 4, 2019

The Donut Run

The local donut guide no one asked for

The goal became clear: A donut run, to find the greatest donut in Albuquerque.


Holiday Film Guide 2019

Bombshells, Bad Boys and a Black Christmas

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Hollywood figures most Americans have a decent amount of vacation time on their hands. As a result the coming month (or so) is crammed with epic popcorn movies and small-scale Oscar bait. So what do we have waiting for us at the cineplexes this holiday season? Let’s take a look!


To the South Valley With Love

Senior Center celebrates health, will provide respite

We visited the South Valley Multi-Purpose Senior Center to take part in the Health Care and Open Enrollment Resource Fair, and took the opportunity to chat with our representatives.

Oh Say Can You See Bandelier?

From monument to park and preserve

Late last week, US Senator Martin Heinrich announced plans to put forward legislation that would designate Bandelier National Monument as a National Park and Preserve.


Civilian Police Oversight Agency former board member criticized agency's mishandling of cases; governor's Climate Change Task Force's report examines the results of climate-related initiatives and outlines future plans; Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller announced a new plan to address the city's high violent crime rates.


Senior Airman Austin Harvill

Thanks For Giving

This is the biggest week for eating out of the entire year, no doubt about it, but would you be interested in some other events? Y’know, stuff happening that isn’t a big family dinner with a roasted turkey and potatoes?


I Wanna Be Your Dog

Petition: Give pets access to cannabis

There's a petition to open the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program up to pets suffering from epileptic seizures; Joe Biden calls cannabis a “gateway drug”; sales for OTC sleep aids have declined in areas where recreational marijuana is readily available.


Knives Out

Old-fashioned murder mystery plays by the rules

If you like your mysteries done up old school, Knives Out is the genre-loving homage you’ve been searching for.


This week is your chance to go to Video Store’s fictional going out of business sale, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, a sneak preview of In Their Own Words: Billy the Kid & the Lincoln Country War and Jurassic Park at the DynaTheater.

Daemon Seed

“His Dark Materials” on HBO

All in all “His Dark Materials” is a seriously produced, professionally acted version of its source material.


Swirling and Vibrating

Mayling Garcia and her glass armonica

Albuquerque’s Mayling Garcia waded into the history and mythology of the glass armonica to become proficient on the rare instrument. Weekly Alibi invited her over to talk about it and her music and a sound that ultimately defies description.

Get Into It

Holiday hootenanies are happening

After that ton of turkey has been rendered harmless but before the real nature of the holiday become evident with rituals of commerce and athletics dominating, do yourself a solid and go see a show.


Beer Can Art

What makes a great Albuquerque can?

In a city that has always thrived on the high/low approach to art, it is no wonder that inexpensive, accessible work of high caliber is now available in a cooler near you.

The Art of Shoes

Giving Tuesday in Albuquerque

Flamenco Works is among more than 100 Albuquerque-based non-profits that would be delighted for your donation of money, but this year, they want your shoes.

Found Objects

It's a busy week with New Mexico Artisan Market, Small Business Saturday, A World of Wearable Art and International Cheetah Day.