Alibi V.29 No.15 • April 9-15, 2020

Recreational Marijuana under Fire during COVID-19

States’ Differing Pandemic Regulations Cause Stress for Cannabis Users

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker ordered that nonessential businesses needed to close their doors, and while liquor stores and medical marijuana dispensaries were deemed essential, recreational dispensaries didn’t make the cut.

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Alibi V.29 No.14 • April 2-8, 2020

Tiger King Is A Quarantine Must-Watch

Tiger documentary is Meth Fueled Madness

Maybe you’ve had a friend tell you that you’ve got to see it and they can’t tell you why. Maybe seeing Joe Exotic literally everywhere has piqued your interest enough to just lose a whole work day of viewing time to see what the mullet is about. Here’s why you need to watch Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.


To All Our Friends, Past, Present and Future

Your support means the world to us

Right now, things have gotten tight. We’ve managed to hold things together through thick and thin and continue doing what we do best: Highlighting the impact businesses and events have on our day to day lives. We want to continue that tradition, even if right now, it’s not necessarily possible because of quarantine. That’s where FOWA comes into play.


Don't Stand So Close To Me

Take advantage of curbside service

While the Great Quarantine of 2020 attempts to drain your bank account, threaten your livelihood, cut you off from your community and turn you into a frothing hoarder—it has yet to take away your access to cannabis. There are still some small reliefs—even during the apocalypse.


Kindness In The Time Of Coronavirus

In the hard times we face, the community has found ways to come together

It’s hard to act like nothing is wrong, and we shouldn’t, but we can remember that human kindness and ingenuity will always come through. We’d like to honor some of the people who have made magic happen during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here to Serve

Serving the public in new ways

With things slipping into semi-dystopian reality local governments are learning to serve the public in new ways. Here are some links, updates and the ‘what’s up’ from our local governments.

The Danger of Mainstream Media Infections with Viral and Fake Information

Information is freedom, but false information can be deadly. The free press is one of the prime disseminators of information in the US, and its role is even more important in the time of ingrained social media and the global crisis of the coronavirus. While the world reels from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, mainstream media, from national news outlets to local publications, are vulnerable to infection from viral, false information.


President has promised to have an Army hospital built in Albuquerque to help battle the COVID-19 outbreak; Authorities are warning that increased use of public spaces could lead to closures; The New Mexico Republican Party has spoken out against proposed universal mail-in balloting procedures to substitute in-person voting.

Alibi V.29 No.13 • March 26-April 1, 2020

Corley’s Jazz

Emerson, EJazz and the community react

People behind the music and entertainment industry—the artists, musicians, technicians and a wide assortment of service workers—continue to suffer economically as well as perhaps emotionally and psychologically. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Entourage Jazz lighting up the social media world this week with a photo they took at St. John’s United Methodist Church.


On the Front Lines

In Burque with the other humans

August March armors up and ventures out of his hidden fortress into the COVID-19 zone in search of surviving humans.

Home School Resources

Help on the home front

Weekly Alibi has taken the guesswork out of home schooling with a comprehensive list of resources for learning at home.

Trump Finally Stimulating Citizens’ Packages

What you need to know about the COVID-19 stimulus package

On Wednesday, Mar. 25, the unthinkable happened. Congress agreed to help average American citizens. How will they be doing that? By giving us money! The entire stimulus package totals 2 trillion dollars in rescue funding and is currently awaiting an official signature from President Trump. This would be his first time providing any stimulation for someone who’s not himself, so I expect he’ll be curious to experience what that’s like.


Residents could damage New Mexico's sewer systems by flushing toilet paper alternatives; officials are encouraging primary voters to take advantage of absentee ballots; lawmakers are expecting to hold a special legislative session to discuss the state budget.


Home Theater

Global pandemic changes cinema scene

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has closed movie theaters nationwide and forced the ailing film industry into a premature coma, but Hollywood isn’t about to give up all its profits. Studios have rushed to get their films in front of viewers by collapsing the traditional theatrical/home window.

Cinematic Takeout

Albuquerque’s locally owned arthouse theater Guild Cinema has hooked up with a number of distributors who are now providing “theatrical at home” screenings. And owner Keif Henley has come up with a novel way to fill its movie poster boxes, offering them to “local graphic artists, weirdo picture makers, wack imagesters and the like.”


Local Short Fiction by Subscription

Plot Duckies delivers literary goods

Staying in? How about reading a good story from a local author right here in New Mexico? That is the idea behind the new subscription service that brings a new short story by a New Mexican author to the tablet or other such e-reading device every week. We spoke with author and publisher Sonja Dewing.

Found Objects

Check out [from] a Little Free Library, see videos about lithography, donate to help artists shut down by COVID-19 and jack in to Albuquerque's library resources.


On Metaphors and Pizza

Dion’s delivery is a welcome change during the end times

We’ve been told for years that it was logistically impossible. In terms of infrastructure, Dion’s just didn’t have any way to implement a delivery system. Yet, here in the midst of the storm, Dion’s rolled out the necessary changes to deliver, making sure pizzas got where they needed to be.


News on the Green

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is asking for guidance in establishing a standardized dose of THC, plus a UCLA researcher was awarded a grant to study if patients suffering from pain can use terpenes to reduce the amount of opioids they are using.

Nowhere To Go

Social distancing and dispensaries

New Mexicans have been smart enough not to lose their minds and blow out the state's supply, but COVID-19 is still changing the way we consume cannabis and straining the industry.

News on the Green

Cannabis sales in the United States and Canada have increased as consumers stockpile the magic substance in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.