Alibi V.29 No.28 • July 9-15, 2020

Buck Up

Cannabis can relieve depression symptoms in minutes

Researchers say cannabis can have a positive effect on symptoms of depression within minutes of consumption; a new study is questioning whether THC is the only psychoactive cannabinoid; nonresidents who can show proof that they belong to another state’s medical cannabis program are now allowed to purchase their meds from New Mexico dispensaries.

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Fools On Parade

What happens when you rage against the wrong machine

Americans came out en masse to yell out against police brutality towards our BIPOC community members and have been met with even more brutality instead. Tear gas is being fired on our citizens by the very force that was supposed to protect them. Our soldiers had bounties placed on their heads, and the President did nothing to stop it. Yet here we are, watching a small group gather on a Saturday morning to say that we’re living in a dictatorship because someone told them they have to wear a piece of cloth on their face.

Non-Profits Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Take A Stand

Local charity asks who your organization stands for

Is the idea of human services not somehow inherently “political?” The existence of nonprofit work is such to fill gaps where critical needs are not being sufficiently met (or not being met at all) by our governmental institutions. Those employed and emboldened to help others are filling the holes in the system, and thus, believe in leaning into the raw reality of those who are disenfranchised, traumatized or abandoned.
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Is the DNC DOA?

Generational gaps show disparity between party, young voters

If Democrats continue to stay in the middle with the counterparty moving right, all compromises will just continue sitting in Republican territory. Democrats will eventually be pulled in the same direction in order to continue their compromise, and before we know it, the DNC will look like the Republican party of the ’80s. How do we make a change?
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County Camera & Catch Up

Wide open spaces, body cameras and mental health accolades were on the docket

State and county move toward cop cameras; July proclaimed Open Space Month; Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Department wins national accolades.


Grants Mayor Martin Hicks led the city's 4th of July parade last weekend, despite Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s order to forego celebrations; New Mexico State Police are issuing citations to individuals and businesses for failing to comply with the most recent public health order; the suicide rate in New Mexico reached record levels in 2018—the highest in the nation at the time.

Million Dollar Investment in Black Community

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Mayor, City Council reserve cash for One Albuquerque Fund initiative

At a special session City Council meeting, the council passed an amendment to a bill that will provide $1 million in city funding for the Albuquerque Black community.



NBC streaming shows its feathers

On July 15 broadcast network NBC’s first foray into the world of streaming begins with Peacock. Yes, like CBS All Access, you’ll soon have the privilege of paying for all those sitcoms you used to watch for free on a broadcast network. NBC proper won’t be going away (for now), but this is definitely a glimpse into the future of Hollywood.


Mindful Looking

Justine Andrews on a slower way to see art

What exactly are we trying to get out of this art thing, anyway? UNM art history professor and meditation practitioner Justine Andrews suggests that there is a mindful way to experience a work of art.

Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food

NM-born writer Gina Rae La Cerva writes about our obsession with—and destruction of—wild foods

It is slightly ironic, given the state of our wildlands, that we are seeing a recent cultural fascination with foraging and wild foods. One of the things Gina Rae La Cerva touches on often in her new book, Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food, is why the trend has entrenched itself in the cultural subconscious now, when true wilderness is all but nonexistent.


Familiar and Forgotten

La Placita Dining Rooms offers comfort and nostalgia

Dining in the time of corona means social distancing, which is something La Placita Dining Rooms pulls off with ease. The amount of space they have means that you could have 50 people dining in the same building and you might not ever see them.

The Basil Gimlet

Fighting scurvy one drink at a time

During the Age of Sail, scurvy took the lives of many a sailor. Fortunately, British cocktail ingenuity among officers in the Royal Navy was brought to bear on the problem of the scurvy sailor by adding a lime cordial to the sailor’s daily allotment of gin.


Firm Studies THC Microdosing

Researchers say people can find pain relief through THC microdosing and CBD-infused mouthwash is as effective at fighting plaque as chlorhexidine-based mouthwash.

Alibi V.29 No.27 • July 2-8, 2020

Service Industry Faces More Challenges During the Pandemic

It takes two to tango to make restaurant service function

With restaurants cautiously reopening throughout June, it’s become a weird trek back out into a world we once knew, with some of us hoping to sit down and eat something that isn’t burned and unseasoned by our inattention in the kitchen. For restaurant owners this has become a double-edged sword.


A Memorial for the Missing and Murdered

Long-awaited park dedicated to victims of West Mesa murders

The City of Albuquerque, with input from the families of the victims of the West Mesa murders, created Women’s Memorial Park to reflect and to have a small sense of peace.


Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Crying Fowl

Artemis Fowl on Disney+

Despite its literary history, Artemis Fowl reads like a generic mash-up of mystical YA series Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (with a dash of Men In Black for good measure).



One Hand Washes the Other

DOJ finds no violations in antitrust cases

DOJ is letting itself off the hook in antitrust investigations of cannabis businesses; ProgressNow New Mexico accused Pat Davis of upholding racist institutions.

Congress Votes to Allow Study at Dispensaries

The House of Representatives voted to let researchers study cannabis sourced from actual legal dispensaries instead of from the only government-approved source; a new study has found that cannabis use while pregnant could increase the risk of children’s sleep problems.


Inequality Starts With Education

Black Voices ABQ demands change for a stronger, healthier and more diversified community and economy. A huge factor hindering social change is education, but on top of New Mexico being one of the lowest ranked states in education, schools with primarily Black and Brown students receive less funding than schools with primarily White students.
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Police Union Contract Extended Due to COVID-19

How should new contract reflect current focus on police violence?

The City of Albuquerque’s contract with the Albuquerque Police Officers Association (APOA), the union for Albuquerque law enforcement officers, is due to expire on June 30. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contract will be extended until the City Council can safely meet to vote on the contract’s renewal.

Councilors Cleaning House

One long Zoom call later, City Council tackles corona questions

Burque City Councilors earned their summer vacay after a nearly 6 1/2 hour Zoom meeting, clearing their government table of a myriad of items.


Hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19 continue to drop in New Mexico; state district court judge will reconsider a ruling that accused New Mexico of failing to provide adequate education for children; Gov. Lujan Grisham issued executive clemency to a number of New Mexico prisoners last week.

Odds & Ends

Funny because unsafe sex (with all that heavy breathing and panting) happens to someone else.



These are the People in Your Neighborhood

Frank Blazquez’s Barrios de Nuevo Mexico

Frank Blazquez sees someone that looks interesting, then he walks up to them and asks if he can take their picture. No chit chat. No establishing a rapport.

Sharing Code

The New Mexican art you missed

Sharing Code tells the story of how computer art began at the University of New Mexico in 1968 with the development of a computer program designed for artists to use with little computer training.

Alibi V.29 No.26 • June 25-July 1, 2020

Bringing Art Auctions Online

Jennifer DeSantis and the OT Circus ABQ Online Art Auctions

Weekly Alibi sat down with Jennifer DeSantis (at a social distance) to find out how the OT Circus ABQ Online Art Auctions work.


Oñate’s Legacy of Chaos Continues

How a peaceful prayer ceremony escalates to violence

As of early June 2020, despite years of outcry from the community, Juan de Oñate's statue continued to stand at the head of the Albuquerque Museum.

An Occasionally Wild Boy

Steve-O pays homage to where it all began while supporting locals facing food insecurity

With COVID-19 wiping out so many aspects of our lives, it has been hard for many to find a new normal. Jon “Bones” Jones, local UFC fighter, reached out to his old friend and former Albuquerque resident, Steve-O of “Jackass” fame and a spark lit up in Steve-O’s head.


State will investigate claims that Lovelace Women’s Hospital in Albuquerque practiced racial profiling; a number of New Mexico tribal casinos have reopened; Lawmakers made a number of cuts to the budget because of COVID-19 and related drops in oil revenue.

Uncharted Territory

City Council navigates new paths as protests and COVID continue

It’s a different world from whence we last touched base. Our local government bodies have had to quickly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with budget adjustments, small business help and police reform.

A New Public Safety Department

Mayor Keller’s new public safety department could reduce burden on cops

Mayor Tim Keller announced the formation of Albuquerque Community Safety, a new unarmed public security department in Albuquerque. This department’s purpose is to handle public safety calls related to homelessness, addiction and mental health issues instead of the Albuquerque Police Department, which is currently called in to deal with such cases.


An Iridium Layer in the Anthropocene

David Santiago’s “New Normal”

When the pandemic hit, David Santiago wanted to do something to help, so he began a new three-print series as a way to support nurses around the country.


Cop Out

Networks cancel police cam shows

Social change, driven by the massive wave of protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, has resulted in the cancellation of a pair of popular docu-reality TV shows about police.



A Summer Respite

The Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is a summer cocktail meant to be enjoyed on the veranda overlooking the Italian Riviera. If the veranda is unavailable, your local picnic table, plastic Walmart chair or kiddie pool will suffice.


Market Value

Cannabis sales OK during pandemic

The writing’s on the wall, and it’s clear to everyone that New Mexico is all set to turn into Thunderdome thanks to the seemingly inevitable economic recession looming on America’s horizon. And as we’re seeing, cannabis is one of the only coronavirus-safe industry options we have left available to us.

Nevada to Pardon Cannabis Prisoners

Officials in Nevada have authorized the unconditional pardon of thousands of convicted cannabis offenders; a new study says frequent cannabis use can cause semen to become infused with THC and other cannabinoids.