Creeping, Crawling and Carnivorous Show

Freaky Fauna

Slithery, squirmy, sticky, scary. The alliterations are endless when it comes to creatures that send shivers up our spines and goosebumps down our legs. This weekend, the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden reveals its Creeping, Crawling and Carnivorous Show, featuring bugs and reptiles from around the world. Discover how these critters are a vital part of our natural environment, from venomous snakes and scorpions to slick lizards and the hairiest of tarantulas. This is the perfect opportunity to come down with a good case of the willies this Halloween season and learn at the same time. Cost of the show is included with park admission. (Emily Aragon)

Sunday Oct 7, 2012

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2601 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: 768-2000
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FREE with park admission




ABQ BioPark

Phone: 505-768-2000
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See hairy tarantulas, shiny scorpions, venomous snakes, orb-weaving spiders, carnivorous plants and more at the showroom.