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Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

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Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
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Join in for a conversation about modern leaders and ancient pathways of the Pueblo people.

Coffee & Conversation Lecture Series – 2014 (Every third Wednesday of the Month) Wednesday Evenings, 5:30 – 7:00pm in Chaco I Room Free to the  Public – Schedule may subject to Change July 16, 2014

Ancient Pathways - Modern Leaders

Voices of Pueblo Leadership Join us for the showing of Ancient Pathways – Modern Leaders, for over a thousand years the Pueblo people living in the Rio Grande Valley and western New Mexico have endured, their survival dependent of the devotion of their leaders. Ancient Pathways – Modern Leaders explores the journey of a Pueblo Leader. The selection process that identifies leaders based on character, knowledge, and the role of leaders in advocating for Pueblo sovereignty, lands, and languages. Narrated by Conroy Chino (Pueblo of Acoma), this film is a journey, guided only by the voices of Pueblo leaders, to discover what it means to truly lead.

COMPANY - Silver Bullet Productions

PRODUCERS - Pamela Pierce, Nick Durrie & Conroy Chino

COPYRIGHT - 2011 RUN TIME - 45 minutes