Mic Club 22: Sublmnl Rnsons • hip-hop • Def-i & Precept • Thirdleg • Trew • Lady MC • Fat Lee • Wrek1 • rap, hip-hop • Suede School and more

Thursday Aug 28, 2014

618 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: (505) 764-8887
Website: Click to Visit


Phone: 505.764.8887

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  * KRzMA * Don Mando * Benny Browncoat * SFK * JKase * Locc & Deez * Grisly * Cynical

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On droppin’ the mic

Courtesy of artist

The 505 hip-hop scene will flourish thunderifically on Thursday, Aug. 28, when Launchpad (618 Central SW) hosts Mic Club 22, a competition featuring the deepest grooves in the high desert. Gathered gods of funky, flowing turntablist wizardry include Santa Fean Sublmnl Rnsons (Cas Uno, Mr. UnXnown and AdrenalineTruth) and Diné superstar MC/poet/rapper Def-i and collaborator Taylor “Precept” Scott. Hosted by local rap impresarios XXII Letter and DJ X-Man, Mic Club has the potential to permanently reconfigure the human neo-cortex through audacity, energetic rhythm and the lasting effects of a damn good time. A battle of sorts commences the evening’s ascent with sets by up-and-comers Lady MC, Fat Lee, Benny Browncoat, Suede School, Yella Don and Cynical among a host of others. Everyone performing at this hellacious head-on is worth experiencing, but keep your ears tuned for Def-i, an Albuquerque homeboy whose deep cred is based in his seven-year tenure as host of Vinyl and Verses; associations with KRS-ONE, Dilated Peoples and Jurassic 5; and a sound deep enough to sink a battleship. Tickets for this 21-plus show are $10, and the stage blows up at 9pm.

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