AZ/NM Connection

Friday Aug 29, 2014

3106 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106






Monique Sanderson-Mata

Phone: 602-754-9725
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Multi-site event showcases art in all genres from both states, featuring 60 artists, 8 musical groups, muralists and more.


AZ/NM Connection

Monique Sanderson-Mata is proud to say goodbye to the long summer days and hello to fall with her 2nd installment of the AZ/NM Connection. This event has been her vision since 2010 when she arrived on the art/music scene of Albuquerque. Her dream was to pursue an art life with a dash of music. Since then she has promoted for Phoenix’s AZ Rockabilly, Lowrider Car Shows, and First Friday events in the Valley of the Sun. 

In Albuquerque she found a home away from home at The Talking Fountain Gallery and the local music scene. She was inspired by the way both the art and music scenes worked so well together. When she moved back to Phoenix she vowed to someday return to New Mexico in the future. Back in Phoenix she emulated the vibe she loved in Albuquerque in regard to the meshing of the art and music scenes. She returned to promoting with AZ Rockabilly and Wolf Figueroa (owner) and brought out Albuquerque bands The Big Spank, Bat Wings For Lab Rats, Con Razon and Cultura Fuerte. Earlier this year she decided to give it a try once more in Phoenix with the first installation of the AZ/NM Connection at her own gallery Creation Station @ La Melgosa. She invited various artists to play music and showcase their art. The turn out was huge with bands such as Bandwidth No Name and AnTro, artists James Montoya, Patrick Cloudface Burnham, and Kirbieleya “iLash” Platero representing New Mexico just to name a few.  

The success of this event has prompted her to bring the party to Albuquerque. She has partnered up with Katie Calico (The Talking Fountain), Kiko Torres (Masks y Mas) and Bianca Encinias (El Chante Casa de Cultura) to bring the same vibe and showcase art in all genres from both states. All together there are over 60 artists, 8 music groups, muralists and many vendors taking part in this 2-day event that spans 3 locations. If you’d like to know more information and a list of all the participating artists please look up the events page on Facebook:

As Monique says “Support Art and Support Local Business!!!!”

The event schedule is as follows:

08/29/14 3pm - 7pm at Masks Y Mas 3106 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

08/29/14 7pm-10:30pm at El Chante: Casa de Cultura 804 Park Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

08/30/14 3pm - 12am atThe Talking Fountain4207 Lead SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Special thanks goes out to Katie Calico, Kiko Torres, Bianca Encinias, James Montoya, Jeremy Arviso, Elisabeth Ann Ramirez Jaramillo and all the artists participating in this event.

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Crossing the line

AZ/NM poster art by Jeremy “Eyerock” Arviso (detail)

Art, music, poetry, vended wares and delicious food come together in a two-day, three-venue, border-busting extravaganza dubbed AZ/NM Connection. With over 60 participating artists from both states—from graphic stylist Jeremy “Eyerock” Arviso to surrealist painter Lalo Cota to geometry-minded designer of cuteness Yai Cecream—and eclectic musical acts like Shining Soul, Wake Self, Indigenize and Bat Wings for Lab Rats, it must be for our own good that this group show is divided into three sub-events. Taken all together, the effect might be simply overwhelming.

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