Be a Film Critic! at Unseen Gallery, Albuquerque
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Be a Film Critic!

Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

3107 Eubank, #31
Albuquerque, NM 87197







Phone: 505-232-2161
Website: Click to Visit

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Join in and give your honest opinion of a short erotic film at this anonymous screening.


An aspiring erotic screenwriter in the Albuquerque area has arranged for this anonymous screening of their short movie.

Come socialize with fellow film lovers, watch the short, and take part in critical discussion. Write a little review to be given to the screenwriter.   Mostly, they want to know if it is "erotic" or if they have missed the mark, and made "porn".

I have not seen the film myself, so all I can tell you is that it is about fifteen minutes long, has nudity, and is meant to appeal to incest fetish.  All actors are of legal age, and I have seen the documentation of that.  Beyond that, I don't know if it is a touching emotional drama, or a crass descent into perversion. We'll all find out together.

If this experimental event is a success (the writer gets useful feedback, and attendees have a good time) we'll schedule other review events. Not just videos, but readings from books in progress, stand up acts, or dance routines could be polished this way.

So come give your considered opinion!  At best, you will have an evening of intellectual discussion on the art of screenwriting.  At worst, you'll see some free porn.