Summertime in Old Town: Animal Opera

Friday Aug 29, 2014

303 Romero St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104





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Manny Rettinger
Courtesy of artist

Next time you're at Keller Hall listening to lofty musical enterprises generated therein, take a moment to consider the recording processes that are an essential component of the performances at that storied recital venue. Chances are Manny Rettinger, the College of Fine Arts recording engineer, is responsible for them. The thing is, Rettinger’s commitment to Burque’s musical culture goes well beyond involvement with precise digital documentation of art music. He’s not only the man behind the mixer at the Music Department; he also founded seminal local label UBIK Records and has elaborated on a solid sense of the postmodern polyrhythmic through his band Animal Opera. A collaborative ensemble, which has featured some of Burque's most fantastic and far-out players over the years, Animal Opera recently reformed after a 20-year hiatus. The outfit appears at the Summertime in Old Town series on Friday, Aug. 29, at 6pm. Playing the gazebo in the plaza (303 Romero NW), original “Animal Operators” Rettinger (guitar), Chris Altenbach (guitar), Terry Bluhm (bass), Zoom Crespin (drums), Jefferson Voorhees (percussion/vocals), Teles Sanchez (vocals) and Debo Orlofsky (vocals) chase the late-summer doldrums away with their eclectic, electrifying take on world beat and African dance music. This free concert has historic and contemporary overtones, so being there isn’t optional so much as it is essential.

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