Drum Journey: Urban Shaman

Sunday Sep 13, 2015

Additional Dates:

1111 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Website: Click to Visit






Courtni 'StarHeart' Hale

Phone: 505 382-5275
Website: Click to Visit

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Experience a powerful journey through sound. Tap into your own personal abilities for healing and growth.

Many people search for a Deeper Meaning to Life, and experiment with Plant Medicine in order to open doors to Healing, using Ayahuasca, Mescaline, Datura...if you are looking to Shift yourself, try a safe and easy way instead.

The effect of the drum is similar to the experience of Plant Medicine, and, without ingesting a substance, produces Enhanced Consciousness.

Ride the sound of the Drum to journey to new levels of consciousness.  Unlock portals to your mind.  Deep Healing is possible through this simple technique.

Drum Journeying is an easy Shamanic Practice used by everyday people to enhance Your Mind’s Natural Abilities.   Advanced students and novices alike experience new depths.