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Notes on the Tower

Reaching for the Heavens

Some Biblical scholars interpret the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis as a parable about man's tendency to over-inflate his importance. The message is this: No matter how successful humans are at mastering technology, the results can never match divine perfection. God tried to take ancient Babylonians down a peg by scattering them to the wind and forcing them to speak mutually unintelligible languages. According to artist Nicola López (who grew up in Santa Fe and works in New York), the parable remains relevant. We humans still struggle to understand each other despite the constant chatter of instant communication. We still attempt to raise impervious citadels into the sky. And as López' work demonstrates, the results are disorienting—even destructive. Her superb, precisely imaginative installation is at the Tamarind Institute through Friday, Dec. 21, and it's highly recommended. Warning: Side effects may include dizziness, light-headedness, captivation. (Margaret Wright)

Thursday Nov 15, 2012

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Nicola López's latest work, including new lithographs. Exhibition inspired by ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness.

López, a native of Santa Fe who now lives in Brooklyn, New York, portrays urban landscapes that "struggle against themselves, that strive towards order and beauty as they verge on the edge of spinning beyond control or comprehension." The exhibition also includes a multi-media installation, animations, and other mixed-media prints, which come together to cast the story of Babel in a contemporary light.