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Cosmix Dome

Wednesday Sept 26, 2012

Additional Dates:

1801 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: 841-2802
Website: Click to Visit






Website: Click to Visit

A personalized media experience in which a 60-inch dome immerses the viewer in a series of natural environments. Part of the ISEA 2012 Symposium.

Created by Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Lance Ford Jones. DPrime Research’s Biopoiesis installation creates an electrochemical reaction involves the growth of dendritic metallic threads that become a continuously evolving portrait of human and other activity in the space. Daniel Richmond’s Lobo Louie traces the complex history of the endangered Mexican Wolf and its relationship with its local human population as an icon and mascot for the state’s flagship University. Bruce Shapiro’s Sisyphus VI is a kinetic sculpture in which WiFi controls the path of a large ball bearing as it rolls through a field of sand.