Central Features: Nina Elder, Staci Page, and Jessamyn Lovell

Friday Mar 13, 2015

109 Fifth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Nancy Zastudil

Phone: 505-243-3389
Website: Click to Visit

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Join us for an opening reception with three incredible New Mexico artists. 6-8pm. Details below! Presented in conjunction with Women & Creativity.

"Lode," is an exhibition of work by Nina Elder about the resiliency of a natural environment barraged with industrial voracity. A pile of rocks might seem vague, innocuous, and mundane, or it might seem like a relic of some disaster. Elder's piles of rocks are neither innocent nor the result of catastrophe. They are the result of mining, seen by some as an environmental disaster, yet inextricably linked to our ability to sustain contemporary life.

"made of somewhere, somehow," is an exhibition of objects by Staci Page that explore human relationships to our surroundings through cultural and personal associations to material and form. Caught between a drunk love for simply being in the natural world and a compulsive desire to build, Page's work probes the poignant contradictions between industry and environment.

And Jessamyn Lovell presents a small and intimate exhibition of works related to "Dear Erin Hart." Limited edition photographs will be available, along with the opportunity to pre-order your copy of her artist's book in anticipation of her book signing on April 10.