Chatter at The Acropolis

High Altitude Art

Do you remember that scene in Across the Universe where they throw that big, illegal rooftop concert party? At 7pm on Saturday, Sept. 5, you can go to a less illegal, more refined one of those! The Chatter Ensemble will be performing three beautiful pieces atop the Acropolis Parking Structure (Third Street and Copper) in Downtown Albuquerque, including the powerful composition “Coming Together” by Frederic Rzewski which features a reading from Albuquerque's poet laureate and regional Poetry Slam Champion, Hakim Bellamy. Tickets start at $9 dollars and the event is open to all ages. So for the love of arts and rooftop parties, dress up and enjoy this delightful music while overlooking gorgeous Downtown Albuquerque. (Courtney Foster)

Saturday Sep 5, 2015

Copper Ave NW at 3rd St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Chatter - Music Worth Talking About

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The Chatter Ensemble performs three works on the rooftop of the Acropolis Parking Structure.

Located at 3rd St NW and Copper Ave NW (next door to the Hotel Andaluz). 

Coming Together :: Frederic Rzewski
      Riveting, powerful
A Maze (with Grace) :: Thomas Albert
      Hypnotic, serene
Chamber Symphony :: John Adams
      Kinetic, chromatic, delightful, weird, satisfying