New Mexico Approved Expo

Saturday Sep 26, 2015

300 San Pedro Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM






Wendy Sandidge

Phone: 505-924-2820
Website: Click to Visit

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The Expo presents businesses and their owners in a manner that allows for personalization. The show will also include live music, a salsa cook-off and more.

The “New Mexico Approved Expo” will serve to highlight the businesses of New Mexico.           

Our goal make New Mexico locals and tourists alike see what is available for them from their community and give these business owners the opportunity to shine. Offers a way to “put a name to the face.” 

Along with the vendors, this show will feature live local musicians, a fashion show, a salsa cook-off, live artists, local celebrity autograph sessions and much more.  The idea is to have all of the senses engaged during the expo. 

In the end, success will mean connecting local residents to local businesses that they might not have otherwise known about or considered for their shopping or service needs. With a focus on boosting the local economy, the movement of “New Mexico Approved” can gain more momentum and its economic effects will be felt for all New Mexico residents.