Whole Toning Summer Series

Wednesday Sep 2, 2015

Additional Dates:

3215 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 366-4982






Maryse Lapierre

Phone: 5058188762
Website: Click to Visit

More events at Maple Street Dance Space

Free your voice and open your heart with whole toning, a whole-being practice of breath, tone and gentle movement.

Bring a mat, extras available.  Open to all!  Email maryselapierre@gmail.com for more info!

July 8th:  Stress, Sound and Survival; Relaxation Through Conscious Toning

July 22:  Overtones and Harmonics: The Key to the Healing Voice

August 5th: Mudras, Energy Circuits, and Toning

August 19:  Mantra and Seed Syllables

September 2nd:  Tapping With Tones:  Touch, Tone, and Intention