Sunday Stress Busters Deep Fascia Release Class

Sunday Sep 20, 2015

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7528 Fourth Street NW
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 933-5211
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Karen Engler

Phone: 917 535 9530
Website: Click to Visit

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A super-relaxation circuit training helpful for recovery from long-term stress, PTSD and chronic pain.

Practices that strengthen and release tight, involuntarily held muscles/fascia. We end with the activation of your body's innate ability to heal and SHAKE IT OFF, aka neurological tremoring. You will leave this class feeling like you just had a massage from the inside or came back from vacation on the beach…

This class is great for people who are dealing with:

A recent loss or change

A challenging work environment

A challenging home environment

Unrelenting stressTension headaches/migraines, structural pain that gets worse under stressYou are experiencing burnout, or stress, or have an edge you can't seem to shake

PTSD or who have experienced trauma and feel lingering effectsHigh stress jobs like first responders, police officers, firemen/women

Chronic painYou are already practicing other forms of self care, but are still struggling with pain and tension.

You are a highly sensitive person (HSP) and need self-care tools to help bounce back quicker from the intensity of your emotions and overwhelm being around too many people.