Astrological Aromatherapy

Wednesday Sep 2, 2015

1420 Carlisle Blvd NE #107
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Janice Ladnier

Phone: 228-731-7731
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As a healer, recognize the natural connection between plants, planets and astrological signs.

"Anyone who practices medicine without taking into consideration the movements of the stars is a fool."--Hippocrates

Your birth chart offers guidance as to how to use essential oils to help you reinforce your true nature, balance your physical and emotional energies, address aspects in your chart and provide support during difficult times.

$15 investment includes astrological charts, handouts and biosurvey scan.

Contact Janice Ladnier IN ADVANCE at with your birth date, place and time so she can calculate astrological charts for you to use during class. No charts can be calculated at the class.