Passage of Time Opening Reception

Friday Sep 11, 2015

Santa Fe, NM 87508







Phone: 505-988-2727
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New works by Santa Fe artist Roger Williams.

Roger's creative endeavors in light, beauty, and form, find their roots in both classical and modernistic traditions of painting. My approach has often been described by some as “impressionistic realism”. 

"One of the intentions of my work is to engage the viewer emotionally through a painterly, yet honest poetic process. The attention I give to the surface structure of the paint, combining the spectrum of color and the matrix of elements of design, will challenge the viewer to look well beyond the images that I create. I would hope my paintings invite the participant to not only enjoy the emotional response that I feel from nature and the world, but also more importantly, have the work invite the viewer to partake in the process of painting, not just the finished product". ROGER WILLIAMS