Whole Toning

Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

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3215 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Maryse Lapierre

Phone: 505 818-8762
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A gentle way of centering and connecting with your natural intuition and guidance through breath, tone, movement and conscious intention.

Free your voice, open your heart! Open to beginners of all experience levels :)  Drop-ins welcome, come for one session or all.  Dress comfortably and bring a mat if you have one; extras available.  

September 30th- Yin Toning: Honoring the feminine voice of the Goddess within us all through gentle tone, movement, and mudra.  Men welcome!

October 14th- Chakra Tuning: Using tone, bija mantra, and focused intention to tune up your energy system, get the chi flowing, and activate and balance your chakras.

October 28th- Soothing Tone: Toning through pain.  Activate your body’s natural endorphins and healing potentials with the power of consciousness, meridian activation, and healing tone.  Effective and absolutely safe!   

November 11- Sargam: Drone-based Eastern voice and ear training.  Deepen your relationship with tone and music, while you enjoy a peaceful meditation.  Long tones, gentle slides, and bends toward the infinite…  

November 25th- Chanting 101: Learn two gorgeous and easy Sanskrit chants to help open your heart and free your voice:  Govinda Jaya Jaya and Baba Hanuman.  Open to beginners of all experience levels!

December 9th-  Oh, Holy S#it: Toning for stress management during the holidays and anytime.  Aside from not overindulging this holiday season, the best thing you can do for your health is to lower your stress levels, and toning is a wonderful way.  Breathe, tone, relax.