Mountain Blood Fest III: All Mountains Must Crumble at Duke City Sound Stage, Albuquerque
Due to the March 23, 2020 NM DOH Public Health Order, These Event Listings Are Not Accurate!
All non-essential businesses are closed, public gatherings are prohibited!
(One day some of these events will be rescheduled or will resume, but they are not happening now!)

Mountain Blood Fest III: All Mountains Must Crumble

Saturday March 12, 2016

Additional Dates:

2013 Ridgecrest Dr. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


Text 505-920-5402 for festival tickets


Website: Click to Visit

More events at Duke City Sound Stage

Lil Lavedy (NV) • Ghost Guest (MA) • Arroyo Deathmatch • Sad Kid (AZ) • Distances • Firewater Folklore (NV)

The third in a trilogy of festivals featuring a huge collection of bands and musicians from all over the country with a specific focus on showcasing local bands and creating an environment to have fun, make friends, and discover new music.


There will be tickets sold in advance like the last two years. Get them early because we've sold out every year so far.


There will be an event compilation as in the past two years as well. 

There will be new surprises and new friends. Come out and help to build the best temporary community I've ever been a part of.


Human Behavior (gothic folk)

My Pizza, My World (greasy love folk)

Ghost Guest (acoustic emo)

The Suburbanists (folk hardcore)

Radio Flyer (old school folk punk that helped me fall in love with folk punk)

Lil’ Lavedy (fast hip hop)

DiTrani Brothers (technical jazz/ragtime)

Spud Bugs (folk punk)

Sad Kid (evil ska punk)

Logan and Lucille (heartwarming folk)

Firewater Folklore (american folk metal)

Moonraker (pop punk)

Computer Class (synth punk)

Matt Pless (folk punk with 60’s folk influences)

Couples Fight (hilarious break-up themed electronica)


Music Is The Enemy (wall-of-death post-hardcore reunion show)

Arroyo Deathmatch (desert-themed acoustic hardcore/emo reunion show)

Star Canyon (twinkle sads)

Treehouse Basement (glossy good Indie Pop)

David Jio (sound-breaking void music)

Goblin Bones (weird-hop plus guitar stuff)

Five Mile Float (superbly orchestrated indie-rock)

Post War Germany (punch-y bombastic Indie)

WEEDRAT (woah surf punk/garage rock)

Gabe Sunglassesemoji Barva (Mountain Blood Fest’s official poet laureate)

Raven on the Rooftop (dystopian dixieland)

Sun Dog (psych-rock)

Wildflowers of the Mojave (weird folk)

Floodstate (hardcore/emo)

Asa Martin (sing-a-long acoustic jams)

Crushed?! (anime influenced youthcrew)

VENUES: The Venues for the third Mountain Blood Fest are as follows:

Friday Night: Duke City Sound (2013 Ridgecrest Dr. SE)

Saturday Afternoon: The Fly Honey Warehouse (514 Sycamore St. SE)

Saturday Night: Duke City Sound (2013 Ridgecrest Dr. SE)

Sunday Afternoon: The Mountain (42 Calle Esperanza, Tijeras)

Sunday Night: Winning Coffee (111 Harvard Dr. SE)

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Mountain Blood Fest III

If none of the above lights a breathy, beautiful and boundless fire in your brain’s musical control center then you may be ripe for a visit to Mountain Blood Fest III: All Mountains Must Crumble. That’s the name of the completely cray and awesomely awesome DIY music festival to be held between March 11 and 13 in various venues around the city and in the surrounding hills. Originally an event created by and made real by the mysterious and now dissipated Goathead Record Collective, this year’s revisioned epic includes all-ages performances at Duke City Soundstage (2013 Ridgecrest SE). On Friday night, March 11, punk rockers Weedrat and Radio Flyer, a band from Tejas take the stage at 7pm; the Saturday night, March 12, 7pm iteration of the festival features a reunion set by Arroyo Deathmatch and the folk metal meandering of Nevada’s Firewater Folklore among other esoteric and engaging acts. The completely huge and blazing schedule of events and bands (30+) as well as a list of venues and ticket information is available.

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