Olivander's Wand Making Class for Witches and Wizards

The Park of Wands

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Petrificus totalus! Okay, now that your body is stiff as a board and you can't run away, just sit and listen to how wickedly awesome this class at Mariposa Basin Park is. If you're still crying about never receiving your letter inviting you to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you can partially make up for it by attending Olivander's Wand Making Class for Witches and Wizards on Tuesday, June 7. Despite the absence of Prof. Flitwick and Prof. Binns, you'll still learn everything from the history of wandlore to the magical properties of various woods and cores. All materials will be provided, but if you have the perfect, tiny magical core lying around amongst your quills and Quidditch robes, you may bring it. This class will cost you about four galleons, one sickle and seven knuts, or 30 Muggle dollars. According to the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery by the Ministry of Magic, all underage witches and wizards (14 or younger) must be accompanied by an adult. (Reneé Chavez)

Tuesday June 7, 2016

6401 Taylor Ranch NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120






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Learn about the wandlore history of the Harry Potter world. Every attendee will leave the class with their very own custom designed wand.

A Harry Potter inspired wand making class for witches and wizards of all ages and skill sets. No prior wandmaking or toolworking experience required. All materials & tools provided for you. Witches & wizards under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (18+), the adult only needs to purchase a ticket if they wish to make a wand of their own.



In this workshop you will learn...



The history of wandlore.


Types of wands used by famous witches & wizards.


The magickal properties of woods used for wandmaking.


The magickal uses of wand cores.


The significance of wand lengths.


How to choose the type of wood and core that best matches your magickal desires.


How to make a wand from raw materials.


How to engrave your wand with writings and symbols.


How to dedicate your wand and prepare it for magickal work.



Every attendee will leave the class with their very own custom designed wand ready for magickal workings and spell casting.



If you so wish you may bring with you a core for your wand. The core must be a small and narrow item as it will need to fit inside your wand. Wand cores must be no wider than 3/16" and no longer than 2". Wand sizes vary and limits on core width vary with them. To ensure your core will fit in any wand wood available it should be no wider than 9/64". Your core is an item of great magickal significance to you, it is the source of your power. It is the magick within your wand and yourself. Choose it well.



This class is part of the Fly Across America tour of Olivander's Wand Making Class. See all cities and dates for this tour below:





Class capacity is 30 attendees, an announcement will be made when class is sold out and more dates will be added at that time.