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Shakespeare Talks: What is Your Humour?

Tuesday Oct 11, 2016

1616 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, NM






International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe

Phone: 505-424-7926
Website: Click to Visit

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Discuss the four humors that influence Shakespearean characters and how they determine temperament.

Why does Petruchio not let Kate eat the over-roasted meat? Why does Beatrice suddenly have a cold in the middle of the play, and Benedick has a toothache? Why does Othello have an epileptic fit and so readily believe Iago’s lies?

These, and hundreds of other matters in Shakespeare’s plays, are related to the ancient theory of the humours, the four bodily spirits that control one’s temperament. Elizabethan medicine, cookbooks, herbals, and basic everyday living revolved around balancing these four humours. Robin Williams will discuss the “humours,” and how they determine your personality and those of the Shakespearean characters.