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Sex for the Shy and Awkward


Let me tell you my general process for intended flirting: I stare at a person until they look at me and at that exact moment I look away and pretend they don't exist for as long as I possibly can. Not very effective. When I accidentally flirt with people—if I realize it—I turn red as a beet which isn't cute (but endearing so it occasionally works in my favor). Sound familiar? If so, consider attending “Sex for the Shy and Awkward” at Self Serve, hosted by Cathy Vartuli. Vartuli is a sex positive Emotional Freedom Coach and self-described as shy, just like us! Get ready for a night of awkward (and sympathetic) laughs and weird confidence building. Tickets are $20 per person, and it's recommended to buy them ahead of time at (Megan Reneau)

Friday Oct 14, 2016

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Best selling author and world reknowned Intimacy and Emotional Freedom Coach, Cathy Vartuli, teaches what it means to recreate yourself around flirting and sexual connections.

Do you wish you could more easily break the ice, and make the first move, flirt, feel sexy? Have you ever missed your chance to connect with someone, only to find out years later that they were flirting with you and you didn't even know it? Do insecurities cut you off when you try to say the words and they just don't come out? Are you afraid that you'll just shut down and never have sex or date again because flirting feels too hard and awkward?

There are more people like you than you think. And unfortunately, that means often no one makes the first move. Everyone sits around awkwardly, feeling like no one wants them, finds them attractive or wants to flirt with them. And no one gets that delicious sensual connection.

But that doesn't have to be your fate.... .

If you’re shy and awkward or interested in someone who is, join world reknowned (and still shy) Intimacy and Emotional Freedom Coach Cathy Vartuli, creator of The Intimacy Dojo and best selling author at Self Serve for an evening of recreating yourself around what it means to flirt and connect sexually.

In this hour and a half workshop of interactive learning you will learn powerful techniques to:

  • Reframe Awkward
  • Leverage your shyness as an icebreaker
  • Use clarity and desire to dissolve fear and create connection
  • One powerful technique for creating invitations
  • 3 great icebreaking conversation starters: Scripts to get you out there connecting!
  • Learn that your invitation can be an act of service
  • Deal with disappointment and success

Whether you want to use these techniques to make friends, network in your career or simply access more love and fun in your life, don't be shy about attending this workshop!

ABOUT YOUR FACILITATOR: Cathy Vartuli is a PhD Engineer by day and a relationship coach by night. Cathy is a sex positive Emotional Freedom Coach who helps people transform their traumas into their greatest strengths using love, laughter and inner guidance. She uses a practical yet intuitive approach to help people connect with their own power and guidance. Prior to establishing her coaching business, Cathy got her Masters in Physics at SUNY Binghamton and her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida, and worked in major semiconductor companies doing R&D.

She loves engineering but was always curious why some people suffered and struggled, and others flowed from sweet spot to better place. Since 2006, Cathy has worked with several 1000 clients, and loves helping people reclaim their confidence, self-expression and inner power. She is a certified AAMET Advanced EFT Practitioner, and offers a wide range of programs and services – from audio products and programs, to group and individual coaching. Cathy specializes in coaching clients who want to transform their blocks so they can finally move into the life they’ve always wanted. You too can change your pain and frustration into love, laughter and empowerment!

We offer an early bird discount for the first 7, paid signups up to two days before the class. All other tickets are $20/person. Use promo code EB10.14.2016 to get the early bird pricing. Please buy your tickets in advance. Sometimes classes sell out, and sometimes we have to cancel classes due to insufficient sign-ups.

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