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Workshop for Early Childhood Providers and Educators

Saturday Jan 21, 2017

1701 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: 224-8300
Website: Click to Visit





Phone: 505-224-8346
Website: Click to Visit

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Early childhood teachers work to understand balance and how to teach students about it. Registration required.

"Get It to Balance" a Workshop for Early Childhood Providers and Educators at Explora.

Early Childhood Teacher/Provider Workshop: "Get it to Balance"

What can you get to balance? Explore balance, movement, and design by constructing sculptures in the style of Alexander Calder's mobiles. We will compare and contrast symmetry and asymmetry in design and weight, and explore cause and effect by trying to balance weights and physically work out visual choices. Students will also demonstrate an emerging knowledge of measurement (ELG 11.3) and sort, classify, and group materials by one or more characteristics (ELG 12.1).

$20 per person.  Pre-registration by 1/18 requested.  Please call or visit the Explora website for additional details and to register.

 Please see the Explora website for additional information and to register. $20 per participant. Pre-registration is requested.