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Together and Apart: An Albuquerque Urban Journey Through Dance

Dancing Through Life

Courtesy of Keshet Center for the Arts

How often do you think about space? Not intergalactic space, but the space between your fingers? The space between you and the floor? The space between you and your work, your friends or those surrounding you? Dancer Silva Laukkanen will be exploring how environment (that space that I mentioned) impacts choreography and the relationship between dancers in the piece Together and Apart at Keshet Center for the Arts this weekend, Jan. 20-22. Laukkanen will be interpreting daily routines like moving through streets and grocery store aisles, hearing a pin drop, the sound of a car driving and more. Tickets for students, seniors and military are $10 and general entry is $15. The Friday and Saturday shows begin at 7:30pm and the Sunday show begins at 2pm. (Rini Grammer)

Friday Jan 20, 2017

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4121 Cutler Ave NE
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Dancer Silva Laukkanen explores how environment impacts choreography.

Keshet 2017 Fellow for Contemporary Dance is Silva Laukkanen (Austin, TX).

Silva Laukkanen performs Together and Apart at Keshet Center for the Arts.

From the studio to the pavement to the stage, Together and Apart asks what impact does our environment have on choreography. Furthermore, how and if it impacts the relationship between the dancers? Together and Apart challenges the definition of performance by taking its audience on a physical journey from the outdoors to a traditional stage.  Sensing the pavement under you, as the dancers move through the streets. Taking in the smells of the local grocery store as they dance down the aisles.  Hearing a pin drop through the sound of steel and motor oil as you ride with them on the city bus. Come and experience your environment through dance in and around Albuquerque and join us at Keshet Center for the Arts to see our duet put on a stage where we want to share the scenes, and the colors that we found on our urban journey.

* If ticket cost is prohibative, please call the Box Office at 227-8583