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The Sun, the Moon and Chaco Canyon

Epicenter to Now

For those who don't know the magic and mystery of Chaco Canyon—this Four Corners site has been sporadically inhabited by humans since 10,000 B.C. including by the Anasazi, who culturally influenced an area twice the size of Ireland. These people were incredibly technologically advanced for their time: Certain buildings and roads leading to them were aligned to mirror solar and lunar activity, signifying that they were particularly important, while the larger building structure contained over 650 rooms that were up to four stories high. To learn more about this mysterious area join Anna Sofaer (the researcher who discovered the Sun Dagger site of Chaco Canyon 40 years ago) and research affiliate Rob Weiner for their lecture “The Sun, the Moon and Chaco Canyon,” to discuss their recent findings while exploring the Anasazi's relationship to other Mesoamerican cultures and to preview the film, Written on the Landscape: Mysteries Beyond Chaco Canyon. For only $4-$6 this Friday, Feb. 17, from 7-8:30pm you can pick the minds of these Chaco Canyon experts at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. (Megan Reneau)

Friday Feb 17, 2017

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Anna Sofaer and Rob Weiner discuss new evidence of the historical desert landscape that inspired Mesoamericans' remarkable cosmographic expressions of monumental architecture and roads.

The Museum is proud to present Anna Sofaer and Solstice Project research associate Rob Weiner.

An exploration of the Chaco people's complex solar and lunar astronomy, including new evidence of  Chaco's dynamic ideological relationship with Mesoamerican cultures  through objects such as cacao, scarlet macaws, and copper bells. The Solstice Project's most recent findings suggest that it was the striking formations of Chaco's desert landscape that inspired the culture's remarkable cosmographic expressions of monumental architecture and enigmatic "roads.” The evening includes a preview of the Project's new  film "Written on the Landscape: Mysteries Beyond Chaco Canyon" and new concepts regarding Chaco's regional influence across an area twice the size of Ireland.

In 1977 Anna Sofaerre discovered the Sun Dagger site, inspiring three decades of research. Through the non-profit Solstice Project, Sofaer has coordinated interdisciplinary teams of astronomers, archaeologists, anthropologists, architects, computer animators and remote sensing experts.Their research has been published in countless scientific articles and is collected in the book "Chaco Astronomy: An Ancient American Cosmology." She produced, directed, and co-wrote the award-winning PBS documentaries "The Sun Dagger" and "The Mystery of Chaco Canyon."

Robert Weiner is a Research Affiliate with the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology at Brown University and a Research Fellow with the Solstice Project. His research focuses on the Chaco culture with particular emphasis on ritual, cosmology, archaeoastronomy, and Native oral traditions.