Two Years of Love

Friday Jan 13, 2017

1025 Broadway Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4403

Phone: 848-1320
Website: Click to Visit



Samantha and John Grey find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage. Samantha is considered the modern day 'Dear Abby' of talk radio and as a Doctor of Psychology; Samantha is meticulous to detail and advocates communication as the key to all successful marriages. Feeling her biological clock ticking, she's ready to start a family—if only she could convince her husband John.

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Local Love

There will be a screening party for the independent, made-in-New-Mexico romantic comedy 2 Years of Love on Friday, Jan. 13. The film, which was just released by MarVista Entertainment, will be shown in the John Lewis Theatre inside SBCC (1025 Broadway SE) starting at 6:30pm. The film centers on Samantha and John Grey, a happily married couple with some conflict on the way. Samantha is the modern-day “Dear Abby” of talk radio, advising couples on how to communicate. But when she begins to feel her biological clock ticking, Samantha has a hard time convincing her husband to start a family. The film is directed by Thadd Turner and written by Lenny Mesi. The New-Mexico-centric cast includes Kayla Ewell, Ryan Merriman, Sarah Minnich, Catherine Haun, Chris Ranney, Amy Baklini and Merritt C. Glover. Admission to this premiere event is free, but if you wanna rent or buy the film—or convince some friends to do so—you can get it on Vimeo on demand. Get on out there and support your local filmmakers!

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