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Women's March on Washington

Rebel Grrls

Join a nation of rebel girls and feminists to remind the incoming administration that women's rights are human rights this Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Women's March on Washington Albuquerque Rally on Civic Plaza. In addition to protesting the inauguration of a man (and political party) who wholly represents everything terrible about America and the elite 1 percent, the gathering will address how to take positive and peaceful action to exercise our constitutional rights, and protect women's rights, communities and families across the nation regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability. The rally will begin at 11am and go until 2pm. All are welcome. As Yoko Ono sang, “Freedom, O freedom, thats what we fight for. And yes, my dear sisters, we must learn to fight.” (Megan Reneau)

Saturday Jan 21, 2017

1 Civic Plaza
Albuquerque, NM 87102





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Join the many unique cultural groups across New Mexico in an inclusive dialogue to become more educated about how to take positive and peaceful action to exercise your constitutional rights.

Gather on January 21 at Civic Plaza for the Women's March on Washington in Albuquerque Rally. This is an inclusive event, open to ANYONE who supports women's rights.

Mission Statement:

The rally is to show solidarity across the nation and at home for the DC March, which highlights that women's rights are human rights. The mission of the rally is foremost to join the many unique cultural groups across New Mexico in an inclusive dialogue and to become more educated about how we can take positive and peaceful action to exercise our constitutional rights.

It's an act to uplift our spirits, to broaden awareness, and proclaim "we will protect each other's civil rights, our communities, our families and our planet."

En Español: (Translation: Diana Galarza & Juan Carlos Vera)

Este congreso es una demostración de solidaridad, no solo en nuestro hogar en el DC March, sino a través de toda la nación con un mensaje contundente que “LOS DERECHOS DE LAS MUJERES TAMBIEN SON DERECHOS HUMANOS”. TODO con el propósito de promover, proteger y defender los derechos de la mujer.

La misión es convocar a los diversos grupos culturales de Nuevo Méjico en un intercambio de dialogo con el propósito de desarrollar estrategias educadas y pacíficas donde podamos resaltar nuestros derechos constitucionales.

Será un acto enriquecedor, para elevar nuestros espíritus, ampliar la conciencia y proclamar firmemente que "protegeremos los derechos civiles de los demás, de nuestras comunidades, de nuestras familias y nuestro planeta".

UPDATE 12/5: Our group is pleased to announce that we have been given approval and city sponsorship to use Civic Plaza for the Women's March on Washington Albuquerque Rally! The location has been reserved for our use and we are moving forward with rally preparations. We look forward to seeing you all at Civic Plaza on January 21 from 11:00AM-2:00PM!

UPDATE 12/3: We are so glad to see the positive response to the Albuquerque event so far! Please read the following information before posting comments; we are very busy planning this event and would like to avoid responding to duplicate questions. To save time and avoid confusion, repetitive or off-topic comments will not be approved.

UPDATE 12/22: We are so pleased and excited to be partnering with the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice to put on the Albuquerque Rally in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington!

Here are some FAQs:

Q: What is the plan? Where will this rally be held and at what time?

A. We will be holding the rally at Albuquerque Civic Plaza from 11:00AM-2:00PM on Saturday, January 21. We are a group of 19 local women collaborating to ensure this is a safe, successful, well-executed event, and we will communicate our plans on this event page as they develop further.

Q: Do you need volunteers?

A: Please email and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you regarding ways to get involved.

Q: Can I contribute financially?

A: Please visit our GoFundMe page - funds raised will be applied to the costs associated with coordinating the rally.

Q: Why are there events planned in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque?

A: The coordinators from both cities met up in mid-November to discuss how to make this rally available to anyone who wants to participate. We recognized that there are many people from all over the state who are interested in participating, and concluded that there would be enough interest to hold more than one rally. We welcome people from all over New Mexico to join in on either rally and we fully support the Santa Fe event, as well as the national March. Please feel free to join us at either event (we ask for you to only RSVP to the event you intend to attend). The Santa Fe page can be found here:

Q: I live in New Mexico, but I am interested in attending the March in D.C. Where can I connect with other locals who are planning to attend the national event?

A: Please visit the state page for more info: