Monotype Madness Spring Break Edition

Wednesday Mar 22, 2017

3812 Central Ave SE
Ste 100B
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: 268-8952
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Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop

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Monotype Madness 

Special Spring Break Edition! Bring the Kids!

3 Presses!

2 Hours!

Dozens of bottles of ink!

Mounds of brushes, brayers, stamps, stencils, paper, widgets and wing dings!

Infinite Possibilities!!

Roll or brush ink onto a plate!  Take some off!  Print it!  Put more on!  Print it again!  Our trained printers stand ready to assist as you become a prolific producer of prints during two hours of Monotype Madness.  You will use a printing press to transfer painted, stamped, stenciled or drawn designs from a plate to paper and create as many unique images as possible. 

Sign up for one (or more!) of our two-hour sessions and experience the liberating and versatile medium of monotype printmaking.  We will work with high-quality water-based Akua-Kolor monotype inks.  All necessary materials, including expert assistance are included.

Class dates: March 22, 2017

Class time: Morning Session: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Class fee: $ 40.00 + tax, for one kid and one adult, includes all printing materials and four sheets of paper, additional paper can be purchased.

Instructor: Mary Sundstrom