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Taste the Blood of Pete and Unforseen Book Signings

Saturday May 6, 2017

2012 South Plaza NW (Old Town)
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 242-7204






Treasure House Books & Gifts

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Scott S. Phillips and Sarah Bartsch sign their newest novels.

Book Cover

Scott S. Phillips, author of "Gun Up" & "Taste the Blood of Pete" & Sarah Bartsch, author of "Unforeseen" & "The Rogue's Discovery" sign their books on Saturday, May 6, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Treasure House Books & Gifts, 2012 South Plaza NW in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, call (505) 242-7204.

GUN UP: A Boone Butters Novella

When heavyweight jack-of-all-trades Boone Butters decides to put aside his usual work mending chicken coops and toaster ovens to take a job tracking down a man, he and his new roommate Shandi find themselves on a wild path that leads them from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to the smelly shores of the Salton Sea in California and deep into the underbelly of the adult film industry of Los Angeles. Along the way, they come up against shotgun-wielding, lawnmower-riding oddballs, vengeful drug dealers, temperamental porn producers and a manipulative ladies’ man. The pay is good but the bullets are worrisome as Boone and Shandi find themselves in over their heads and caught in the crossfire. 

 “Scott’s narrative blasts and rattles down the road, chasing rabbits and stray chickens out of its path while his dialogue sprays the countryside like full-automatic fire.” — Victor Milan, author of The Dinosaur Lords

TASTE THE BLOOD OF PETE (Pete, Drinker of Blood #3)

 While Pete worries about Christmas shopping for the first time since 1972, trouble-making vampire Christopher Greeley rolls back into Hollywood, looking for a taste of the greasy magic power that now courses through Pete’s bloodstream — a power Pete’s not even sure he wants. It might control his hunger for blood but the side effects may vary, including accidentally summoning ravenous, building-destroying monsters. 

 A mysterious figure from the past could hold the key to controlling those side effects, but first he wants Pete to acquire a powerful greasy magic artifact (through less-than-lawful means, of course). And to top things off, Pete keeps stumbling into the leadership role and the other vampires would be happy to keep him there.

Looks like Pete’s hopes for some quiet time with his human girlfriend, Angie, are going to have to wait — again.


 Scott S. Phillips has written all kinds of stuff: films, TV, books, comics and even dialogue for talking dolls. He's the author of the PETE, DRINKER OF BLOOD series, as well as several other books. Scott wrote the screenplay for the cult action flick DRIVE (1997), and twelve episodes of the CW Network's KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT. 

 Perhaps most importantly, he once performed as stand-in for the legendary Lemmy in the video for Motorhead's "Sacrifice."

 UNFORESEEN: Journey Through Rust and Ruin (The Empires of Steam and Rust Book 3)

 An alternate 1915: Airships and strange portals shift the balance of power around the world, while the Shogun still rules an isolated Japan. 

 Miyako is a teenage girl training as a Samurai, and her first solo mission sends her through one of those mysterious portals into a realm of decay where even the air is poison. She’s not sure who to trust... The boy who builds clockwork robots? The other boy with the dangerous scheme? 

 All she knows is the Silent Emperor sent her there, and she needs to make the right choices because her life, her family, the entire world is at risk. 

 This is a stand-alone novella in The Empires of Steam and Rust universe created by Robert E. Vardeman.

 THE ROGUE'S DISCOVERY: The worst—no, the best—hiding spot is right under the king’s nose. 

Thea is an outlaw by accident of birth, living a lie in the shadow of the palace, but she’s finally got her first real job, a reliable-enough car, and she needs to move out of her dad’s apartment even though Enchanters are not welcome in most of the city. 

 Jay is also in the city under false pretenses, also in hiding from the king’s men, but for a very different reason. 

 The two paths cross. Secrets are revealed, lives are threatened, and the entire kingdom is shaken to its core. 


 Sarah has been writing stories since she could first hold a pencil and reads voraciously to this day. She studied history and archaeology in a few countries, worked for telemarketers, hospitals, a British countryside boarding school, and a second-hand bookstore. She trained up to a first-degree black belt in Shotokan karate, cooks a lot thanks to internet recipe blogs, and now thrives in the desert.