Dave Martinez • singer-songwriter

Friday Jun 23, 2017

118 Tulane Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: (505) 433-5654
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Jeremy Kinter

Phone: 5052436752
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Meet Dave

From the corner of the bar at Blue Light, Dave Martinez found a way to feel at home in his own shoes. Bred and born in the Texas panhandle, Dave walked several life paths before finding his way to the hallowed ground off Buddy Holly in Lubbock, TX. "I got layed off on a Monday, went up to Blue Light, played my first original song live and was so terrible I can't believe that they let me do it again," recalls Martinez. It was that night that he took his first breath of the air that has given life to so many before him.


5 years, 1 divorce, 2 towns, 200,000 miles, 1 EP, a radio single and countless gigs later, Martinez is back in the studio recording Panhandle Confessional. This introspective album steps away from the naivety of his first album Two Wolves and stretches his creativity and privacy.