Due to the March 23, 2020 NM DOH Public Health Order, These Event Listings Are Not Accurate!
All non-essential businesses are closed, public gatherings are prohibited!
(One day some of these events will be rescheduled or will resume, but they are not happening now!)

Family Fun Days

Sunday July 9, 2017

Additional Dates:

9521 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

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Phone: 314-0398

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Crafts, outdoor activities and experiments offered to deepen knowledge of the natural world.

Weekly crafts, outdoor activities, and experiments will be offered to deepen your discover of the natural world. Each Visitor can make journal and crafts to talk home. Activities are all correlated to school science standards making this a great opportunity for homeschoolers– learn, explore and play! There are different activities each week based on the month’s theme.

Arthropods Abound - Appreciate the arthropods around us by making them a hotel, or help us collect data on what insects are outside in the Open Space. We have a number of specimens you can look at under the microscope, or you can hunt for your own to observe. 


July 2- Follow an insect along its quest- tracking it from plant to nest, then add your special touch to our insect hotel. Examine the sounds different insects make and see if you can mimic them with everyday objects.


July 9 -Do you have the patience of a fly? Challenge yourself to observe an insect for 10-20 minutes. Then come inside and share your observation while making a mandala that shows the diversity of arthropods.


July 16 -Learn about insect life cycles then help unscramble our arthropod models. Make a camouflage butterfly to hide from our guides, and go outside and see if you can jump as far as a grasshopper!


July 23 -Examine the diversity of insects at Bachechi and in the world, create your own plant then build a pollinator to match it, or make your own spider web. Inside, experiment with different tools insects use to pollinate and understand why animals adapt to different plants.


July 30t -Pick your favorite arthropod activity from the month. Jump like a grasshopper, go on an insect quest, unscramble each bugs’ life, and help us finish our arthropod mandala.