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Psychic Privates

Wednesday July 12, 2017

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200 West San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM



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Gorgeously profane lyrical meanderings performed over psychedelic sonic architecture.

Words by Kim Vodicka; Music by Josh Stevens

Like taking a shit and covering it up with perfume, Psychic Privates is a sui-southern freak show, self-obsessed and sexy—a terrible, flirtatious audiotext. It also holds the honor of being the world’s very first poetry chapbook on 7” vinyl.

“Poet Kim Vodicka is known to push the limits of comfort. Her material is a sexually crass mix that…will easily make guys squirm.” –Matt Sigur, The Advocate

“…like a swift kick to a bruise you didn’t know you had.” –K. Jones, The Gambler 

“…a sizzling gallimaufry of southern extravagance.” –Lisa Flowers, Luna Luna Magazine

The poems of Psychic Privates exacerbate excess, seduce via repulsion, and sister bodily disasters—erecting atrocities from beauties and making coprophilic love with all-too-human terrors and embarrassments. Laughing like mental patients, these love songs, lullabies, and massive heart attacks will rub your nose in the gorgeous garbage of their own language, campily ever after.

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Get Down with the “Gorgeously Profane”

Kim Vodicka never edits out the private parts

Poetry EP
Kim Vodicka
The sound element is an essential component to creating the vibes that are endemic to all that is Psychic Privates.

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