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Tobin SproutElf Powerindie, rockPhantom Lakesurf noir

Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

407 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-242-4900
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Phone: 505-242-4900

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Tobin Sprout, former guitarist / songwriter of indie-rock icons Guided By Voices, has a new album (his first in 7 years), The Universe And Me (Burger Records), out on January 27. The Universe and Me takes a deliberately primitive approach that focuses on feeling, as opposed to production. The result is a vague bridge between the ballads of psych-era Beatles, and the haunting vulnerability of Daniel Johnston’s Hi, How Are You?.

Sprout penned and sang GBV classics including 14 Cheerleader Coldfront, It’s Like Soul Man, Awful Bliss, Ester’s Day, To Remake The Young Flier and Islands (She Talks In Rainbows). Burger Records will also be reissuing Sprout’s out-of-print 1990s Matador solo albums, Carnival Boy and Moonflower Plastic. In 2017, Sprout will be performing throughout the US with his 4-piece band.

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Elf Power formed in 1994 and over the last 23 years have released thirteen albums, two eps, and a handful of singles, while touring North America, Europe, and Japan many times. Albums such as 1998’s Dave Fridmann-produced “A Dream In Sound” and 2008’s collaboration with the late Vic Chesnutt, “Dark Developments” have cemented the bands’ reputation as the finest purveyors of modern melodic psychedelic folk rock around. Their tour in support of their last album , 2013’s “Sunlight on the Moon” , took them on an extensive tour in support of Neutral Milk Hotel’s much acclaimed reunion tour, as well as dates with Broken Bells and headlining dates.

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Elf Power
Sandra Rek

Once you’ve been indoctrinated into the church of psychedelic rocanrol—an abstract organization that may be affiliated with the Church of the SubGenius, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and Apple Corps., in case you want to know—you’ll surely want to get a dose of the pure stuff on Wednesday, Aug. 2, when Tobin Sprout, Elf Power and Phantom Lake perform at Sister (407 Central NW). Just to kinda give you an idea about what you will be dealing with, here is a brief rundown on these visionary artists. Ahem. Multi-instumentalist Tobin Sprout is one of the geniuses behind Guided by Voices, for Chrissakes. He wrote the song “Awful Bliss,” which is on one of the best fucking rock records ever, Bee Thousand. Elf Power meanwhile, are part of psychedelic sonic collective—called Elephant 6—from down south that includes Neutral Milk Hotel, The Oliva Tremor Control and The Apples in Stereo. Serio. Phantom Lake, a band from right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has that scintillating spooky, surfy sound that can induce both dancing and dreaming. Tickets for this one are 13 bones. “Lay down all thoughts and surrender to the void,” beginning at 8pm.

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