D.I.Y. P.I. Opening Reception

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The artist who followed and documented the outings of someone who stole her identity for two years (Dear Erin Hart,) presents her newest exhibition—D.I.Y. P.I. Jessamyn Lovell will be setting up a performance art space as a private investigator's office at Central Features Contemporary Art this Saturday, Aug. 26. Providing a space for contributors of this project to interact with locals, it gives visitors the opportunity to engage in the project themselves. This free gallery opening also gives visitors a chance to see the culmination of Lovell's work as she will be showing “sousveillance” materials akin to her commissions relating to her actual private investigating work as well as creating mysteries for people to solve.

Saturday Aug 26, 2017

514 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Ani Baker

Website: Click to Visit

As artist Jessamyn Lovell pursues her private investigator’s license, she uses photography and performance to draw attention to social and cultural power dynamics. Runs through 9/30.

Artist Jessamyn Lovell is pursuing her private investigator’s license, using photography and performance to draw attention to social and cultural power dynamics. D.I.Y. P.I. (Do It Yourself Private Investigator) is the moniker for her most recent collaborative project through which she invites people to deeply consider their own experiences and embrace the power that comes with discovering and telling one’s own story.