Phylum at Metallo Gallery, Madrid
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Friday Sept 8, 2017

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2833 State Hwy 14
Madrid, NM 87010

Phone: (505) 471-2457
Website: Click to Visit






Cassidy Watt

Phone: 505 471-2457
Website: Click to Visit

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Alicia Stewart and Ezri Horne present a body of work that serves as a visual device to communicate identity and empathy. Runs through 9/9.

FlyerFeaturing Alicia Stewart and Ezri Horne.

 The body serves as a visual device to communicate identity and empathy. When viewing the figure, it may communicate in a way that is only tangible in certain contexts or evoke feelings unique to one’s self despite stemming from a universal symbol. Phylum refers to the classification of languages which are similar but have an ambiguous relationship, similar to the personal interpretations individuals derive from their relationship to the human form. In Horne and Stewart’s work, the body is the common motif which is used to explore differing themes. Alicia Stewart’s paintings analyze the figures interaction with the surrounding world when physically or emotionally altered by experience and the passing of time. Ezri Horne primarily uses ceramic vessels to explore how we relate to objects which possess characteristics and features of the body. Horne and Stewart graduated from New Mexico